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Why Does Australian Christmas Lunch Offer a Feast of a Lifetime?


According to a recent poll performed with Coles, over half of all Australians are more enthusiastic about enjoying delicious meals at Christmas than getting presents. The vast majority of Australians celebrate Christmas over 2.5 days. However, 43% of Aussies think a gourmet buffet feast is more significant than gifts!

Christmas in the land down under occurs in one of the year’s warmest months, among the holiday’s very well-known facts. It may be why an increasing number of Australians are opting to spend Christmas in July. They may celebrate more traditionally during this month because of the milder weather, which they cannot do throughout the summer.

Cooking in a hot oven isn’t exactly ideal in the 100-degree heat. However, it didn’t take long for Australians to rebel, forgoing formal dining rooms in favour of a picnic set on the beach or in a shaded area. They have completely given up the traditional British traditions over time.

Here are the main reasons why Australia is the finest country in the world for enjoying delicious, fresh Christmas food.

Excellent seafood

Aussies can almost prepare the entire holiday feast on the BBQ thanks to the access to the greatest seafood in the world, accompanied by the lovely summer climate.

Fresh fruit in season

With the help of widely accessible foreign products and the sweet seasonal fruit native to Australia, the gourmet buffet has the most incredible salads.

Healthy and wholesome tastes

Australians aren’t scared to add some healthy ingredients and experiment with flavours. More than a third of them claim to like to include pomegranates in their holiday spread.

Delicious bread

With a touch of spices and herbs, this Australian bush bread is the ideal accompanying dish for Christmas lunch. A barbecue wouldn’t be complete without it.

Diverse veggies

In Australia, 52% of people prepare roasted vegetables for their holiday dinner. The fact that they are not limited to cooking with hearty winter vegetables as they freshen up the dishes with corn, potatoes, and green vegetables make you incredibly fortunate.

Bright colour spread

An Australian holiday cuisine may be supplemented with appealing fresh produce, from various types of meat to veggies and desserts, making a gourmet buffet a visual treat.

Unique ice cream desserts

Without ice cream, summer wouldn’t be complete. Seasonal additives like minced fruit or broken candy canes at Christmas elevate this creamy delicacy to new heights.

Energising beverages and elegant cocktails

Australians celebrate Christmas day in a laid-back manner with various hip, fresh drinks, including exquisite cocktails and non-alcoholic celebration punches.

Extraordinary cheesecakes and trifles

It’s no surprise that a gourmet buffet will have some of the greatest purees with a serving of cheesecake or pavlova as dessert. Australian trifles are the best since they contain fresh berries and a lot of creams.

Traditional plum pudding

Australian Christmases nowadays are characterised by a gourmet eclecticism that welcomes all families, all religious beliefs, and all cultural ties. The traditional concept of a single meal or menu shared by the entire country is more revered in violation than in adherence.

But pudding is still available. Curiously, the pudding continues to be a startling regular on Christmas menus around Australia. It may not have faced the same level of opposition because it is thought of as the side dish to the main entrée. Even though Australian women have been creating cold varieties such as jellied, ice cream, and frozen plum pudding throughout the years, they never took off as a substitute tradition.

Author Name – Carmela Cahtillo

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