FashionA Swimwear Guide For All Body Types

A Swimwear Guide For All Body Types


The world has constantly scrutinized women’s bodies like they hold autonomy over them. There are n-number of categories created to differentiate the body types – right from pear shape to inverted trapezoid.

This can get extremely frustrating, especially when you are headed to the mall searching for the perfect outfit that fits your body like a glove. This situation gets worse when you are on a hunt for the perfect swimsuit.

Moreover, nobody ever says, ‘oh well, I need to find a swimwear that’s right for my apple-shaped body.’ It’s always on the lines of, ‘what will fit my bust and waist properly.’

If you want to end this unnecessary confusion about finding the right swim outfit for your body, we have curated an easy guide for you. Read on!

1. Swimwear for women with huge bust

If you are a girl with a large body type, especially one with a large bust, you might be on the lookout for an outfit that looks flattering on you. In such cases, string bikinis may not be ideal for you. Sure, bathing suits with the cup size of S, M or L might not be your best friend either.

Now, there’s no need for an uncomfortable swimming incident where your outfit’s cup size gives up on your bust at an inopportune moment, right?

So, look for a bathing suit with an underwire and the correct cup size to support your breasts properly. Additionally, a bathing suit with thicker straps and a double-stitched band will look beautiful on you!

2. Swimsuit for women with small chest

If a big bust is troublesome, having a small chest is no walk in the park either.

Your best bet is to find a swim top with ruffles or embellishments that can help create an illusion of a bigger chest. Make sure to get a swim outfit with padded cups that can wonderfully elevate your bust.

3. Bathing costume for big-butt ladies

In today’s world, beauty standards keep fluctuating ever so often. As of now, big bottoms are a rage, but they can also pose a problem when searching for the right swim costume.

So, if you are one with a generous backside, you might not find high-cut swimwear and string bikinis very comfortable. They can even reveal too much skin, which might not help matters.

Find a costume with ample fabric to cover your private parts adequately so that you are not left pulling on the cloth for better coverage. Moreover, it can lead to an unbearable wedgie situation.

Avoid swimwear with skimpy cuts; pick one that has a solid bottom. A good print will also help offer the right balance and make your butt look lovely!

4. Bathing wear for flat bottom

If you believe you are not endowed with a big butt, you can easily create the illusion by picking an outfit with lovely ruching and frills.

Bring a splash of colour to your warm swim day by choosing a bikini with loud prints and bright colours. Also, don’t go for full-coverage swimwear; show a little cheek – it will make your bottom look appealing!

5. Bikini suit for broad-shouldered women

Having alluring broad shoulders is no problem whatsoever. Opt for a swimsuitwith solid colours and printed panels. It will make you look like you possess an hourglass figure, taking away the attention from your boxy upper figure.

An asymmetrical neckline will also draw curious eyes away from your straightened shoulders.

Last words

Swimming is one of the most loved sports activities in Australia. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s quite a game that helps keep one healthy and active, ensures an excellent complete body workout and is super fun.

All you need is the right swimwear that makes your body look pleasing, and you can get going – enjoy a day at the beach!

We hope you find the beach costume of your dreams!

Author Name – Carmela Cahtillo

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