BusinessFinding the best acrylic mirror sheet manufacturers 

Finding the best acrylic mirror sheet manufacturers 


Acrylic mirror sheets are a great alternative to glass, as they are more durable but have the same look and feel. Acrylic is a kind of plastic, so usually a more cost-effective choice than glass if you are looking for a mirrored surface. Acrylic mirror sheet manufacturers will provide you with lots of options for the size and colour of your acrylic mirror sheet and ideally, they will be able to help you make a decision on what you need exactly for your project. 

What are the benefits of acrylic mirror sheets? 

Acrylic mirror sheet manufacturers create acrylic mirrors by adding mirror laminate to clear acrylic, which gives the plastic sheet a reflective cover, like a mirror. 

Some of the benefits of acrylic mirror sheets are:

  • They are less expensive than mirror
  • They are more durable than mirrors, and will not shatter into thousands of tiny pieces if dropped or smashed into 
  • They are easily cut to size, so extremely versatile  

Find an acrylic mirror sheet manufacturer who is Australian-based 

One of the main benefits of acrylic mirror sheeting is that it is a durable, and less expensive option than glass mirrors. To make sure that you get the best price for your acrylic mirror sheet, find a manufacturer that is Australian-owned and operated. 

An Australian-based acrylic mirror sheet manufacturer will be able to provide you with expedited shipping for your products and ensure that you are getting the best price, without having to consider the cost of international shipping.

The best acrylic mirror sheet manufacturers will cut to size 

Another key benefit of acrylic mirror sheets is that it is easily cut to size, compared to glass mirrors, which require a more complicated cutting process. The best acrylic mirror sheet manufacturers will cut your product to whatever size you need it to be for your project. 

Get help and great customer service from your acrylic mirror sheet manufacturer

The best acrylic mirror sheet manufacturer will have an easy-to-use, clear and reliable website where you can find everything you need. They will also be available if you’d like help and advice on the kind of acrylic mirror sheet you need for your project. 

Plastic Warehouse are acrylic mirror sheet manufacturers who have a custom-built website to ensure that you can find the product you need online. They are an Australian-based acrylic mirror sheet manufacturer that offers custom sizing and can answer any questions you have about acrylic mirror sheeting.

Contact Plastic Warehouse today. 

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