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Do You Need a TABC Certification to Bartend in Texas?


So, you’re planning on pursuing a career in bartending but not sure where to start? What’s even more confusing is that bartending schools offer licenses or even certifications such as TABC certifications. 

But what’s the difference? And most importantly, do you need a license to bartend or a certification, especially in Texas? With that, let us look at what TABC certification is and how important is a bartending license. 

That said, in this article, you will know if you will need certification or licenses when you choose to have a job in bartending. 

Bartending License – A Better Understanding 

Usually, a bartending license is a document given to individuals who have just completed a bartending course. However, the bartender license may refer to 2 things when listed in the job description. 

The bartending school will give you the when you complete the course. Next, the local laws require to tend the bar. You may attend the bartending school in Texas, go through about 40 hours of coursework, and earn what the school calls for the bartending license. 

Yet, the state of Texas requires individuals to be bartenders is the TABC certification (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission certification. The certification is solely based on the awareness of alcohol and prevents selling alcohol to intoxicated people and minors. 

You may also get the TABC certification, which may also be called the bartending license. 

Understanding More About TABC Certification

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, also known as the TABC, was established in 1935. This was actually the start of regulating the alcoholic beverage industry in Texas with goals towards businesses and bartenders or even servers. 

The TABC also develops the curriculum for seller-server training, and once you’ve completed the training program, you will become Texas TABC Certified. 

TABC certification aims to gain the skills and knowledge to help you avoid recurring violations for alcohol service, like preventing sales of alcohol to minors or even intoxicated persons. 

It also makes the employer feel so much better, knowing that you are doing your best to keep the customers safe. It’s a kind of certification that could also be called the bartending license. 

In Texas, it’s so much easier as you only need to visit the TABC certification site, register for the course, and spend a few hours passing the exam and becoming a certified bartender in Texas. 

Furthermore, the TABC also provides a list of recognized providers if you are interested in working as a bartender. You only have to take classes and earn the certification, whether face-to-face or online. 

Do You Need a License to be a Bartender? 

You don’t need a license when you plan on becoming a bartender. However, some of the local news require certificates or permits, but there is no formal or nationally recognized certification to bartend. 

Some local alcohol laws require one to tend the bar in one state or city and are not always the same anywhere. So, if you have the time and the drive, you may pick up the alcohol with a standard alcohol bottle size. 

With that, you must master how to pour the alcohol, standard pours, and even the standard wine pouring. That way, you will outperform the licensed bartenders in no time. 

But, if you seek a legal job, you should get local permits or certificates to tend the bar online. There’s no need for a proper bartending school. 

The Difference Between Bartending License and TABC Certification

The bartending license and certification are just the same thing, and schools will issue a bartending certificate or a license once you complete the course. 

The industry uses both license and certification, mainly because no recognized document or training is needed to bartend legally. 

As to the requirements, it’s different in most parts of the country, which is why people use different words. Also, the bartending license and certification are not different, as it’s more about terminology. 

When you are asked if you need a license to become a bartender, the most important thing is that to legally tend the bar in the area, you have to check the local laws. Never assume that your bartending course includes everything you need to start working legally, and they usually do, but you also need to double-check. 

Wrapping Up

Whether it’s TABC or Bartending license, it all works the same. You will not just gain knowledge, but you will also become aware of what’s going on in the alcohol industry. The TABC may not be a requirement, but it benefits employers and employees. 

So, why not stand out and get a TABC certification? That’s something you should be working out by now. What’s important is that all customers, employees, and the management are safe and no issues will be brought up later with regards to the services.

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