HealthTop Signs that an Elderly Person Needs Assisted Living 

Top Signs that an Elderly Person Needs Assisted Living 


Elderly people do decline in terms of their physical and mental capacities. While many of them prefer to continue living in their own homes for as long as possible, the time may come when it is no longer safe to do so. Here are the important signs to watch out for that may indicate that your aging parent requires assisted living.

Deciding On Assisted Living

When an elderly person needs assistance with the activities of daily living, it is often up to their children to make this decision. Although the global trend is for the elderly to live with relatives as an extended family, this is not the norm in America. Aging spouses will remain together until one of them passes on, leaving the other spouse to face life on their own. 

It is important to select a facility, such as an assisted living Atlanta community that ensures residents get proper around-the-clock care and medical attention promptly when they need it. Good nutrition is important, and it is preferable to have chef-prepared meals that encourage fussy or small eaters to take in enough nourishment. Exercises should be part of the routine as long as the residents can participate. 

Your parent may be reluctant to give up their independence. But when they realize that they are not coping with day-to-day tasks, they will be more amenable to such a move. Two-way discussion is necessary so that the person does not feel coerced.

Sings That Your Parent Needs Assisted Living

A few instances of forgetting to switch off the stove, take medicines on time, or lock the front door may just be normal memory lapses that can occur even in a younger person. However, if this becomes more frequent or you feel your parents are endangering themselves, it is time to take stock of the situation. In the beginning, there may be a few signs that a parent needs assistance that they can no longer provide for themselves. Over time, this will become more obvious. 

You should look out for weight changes, either a substantial gain or loss, that may indicate poor nutrition or forgetting to eat. If your parent cannot cope with making three meals a day, they will not stay healthy. Other signs will be neglecting their appearance, foregoing social interactions, stopping hobbies, and not attending to household maintenance. A sudden increase in falls may indicate issues of concern. Likewise, a loss of mobility may suggest a need for help.

There could be medical reasons for altered behavior and weight fluctuations. Make sure that any underlying conditions are diagnosed by the family physician before trying to place your parent in a home. Get medical advice on whether or not they can cope, given the right medication.


Assisted living is likely to become necessary if your parent shows signs of dementia. The person may become aggressive. Getting lost or frequent disorientation are worrying symptoms. There may also be problems with speech or selecting the right words.

Dementia patients are inclined to ask the same question repeatedly or relate a story over and over. Their ability to plan, organize, or concentrate may be impaired. If a doctor diagnoses dementia or Alzheimer’s or the person’s cognitive abilities are severely compromised, they will need to be looked after on a 24/7 basis.

Choose the best assisted living facility for your parent so that they are well taken care of, and you can have peace of mind.  

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