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5 Important Things to Do When Relocating to a Foreign Country


There are many reasons why a person might be relocating to another country; it might be due to a work commitment, a change of environment or simply that you prefer the climate in a warmer location.  British people usually choose a country like Thailand to spend their retirement years and who could blame them? 

Here are a few important aspects to sort out when looking to relocate to a foreign land.

  1. Health Insurance – Top of our list for very good reasons; check out the many people on who are asking for donations to pay their foreign hospital bill. You can find affordable health insurance online and they have a wide range of packages to suit every lifestyle and budget. Being in a Thai hospital without funds is no joke and for what it costs, health insurance should be a priority for all travelers.
  2. Visa Status – Of course, when traveling to a foreign country, you need a visa and the longer you stay, the more difficult it becomes. As a general rule, if you have insurance and adequate funds, you can stay indefinitely; it all depends on your situation and requirements. You can usually engage the services of a visa agent who can process your application; never overstay your visa, as this could lead to jail and deportation. The good news is all visas can be obtained online.
  3. Tie Up Loose Ends at Home – There will be a few subscriptions to cancel; if you own your own home, you no doubt are renting it out while you are away. It is a good idea to inform your bank and credit card company that you are relocating, informing them of your destination, otherwise, they might think the transactions are fraudulent. Clear your phone and Internet bills and anything else you can think of that you no longer require. Click here for top family travel destinations for 2022.
  4. Check your Passport Expiry Date – If there is less than 1 year on your passport, you are advised to renew it before you go; most countries will not issue a visa if a passport has less than 6 months of validity. Of course, if your passport expires when abroad, you can visit your Embassy and they can issue you a temporary travel document until your replacement passport arrives.
  5. Setting Up Online Banking – When you arrive at your destination, go to a well-known bank and open an account, also adding Internet banking, which should be an option. You can use this to pay bills and, more importantly, to send yourself money. Regarding changing currency, airports are never the best places to change large sums, rather wait until you enter the city, where you will get a better rate.

If you are planning to relocate to Thailand, do check the current entry requirements to ensure that you have everything required. The most important thing is to always remain compliant with foreign laws and be respectful of their customs and culture, then you will enjoy your experience.

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