GamingHow Many Hours of Online Gaming Is Healthy

How Many Hours of Online Gaming Is Healthy


To be honest, there isn’t a figure set in stone. While parents are complaining about too much screen time and adults missing out on daily chores, there is a difference between enjoyable healthy gaming and addiction. The LoL smurfs have nothing to do with gaming addiction. They are a training room where the player hones his skills and assesses the effectiveness of new strategies day by day.

Gaming has become a hobby for many, and it might seem it has taken over all the outdoor activities kids till the early 2000s. If you are here trying to understand if your gaming hours are healthy or not, then you are in for a treat.

Gaming is not all that bad; before jumping to a negative conclusion, it is necessary to see the positives of this activity. Gaming itself is a healthy activity with multiple aspects of creativity and growth.

Games and Hours

When you are enjoying something, you tend to invest more time in it. Similar to having friends around, you forget the aspect of time. A similar phenomenon is seen in individuals who indulge in video games.

While gaming is a healthy activity, longer hours can have deteriorating effects on one’s health, both physically and mentally.

There should be a healthy relationship with any activity you do throughout the day. Any activity is considered as healthy until it starts to invade your personal and social life.

The Activity of Gaming

Gaming was designed to increase cognitive skills and focus in children. It helps keep a focus on the story, helps in combating different strategies, and maintains a highly functional hypothalamus.

Gaming indeed increases brain development and the capacity to complete tasks. But there are a variety of games that have been introduced. Different age groups need different games to up their behavior and learning process.

Let’s be honest that not individuals, kids, or adults are extroverts and the extent of loneliness can cause them to dwell in depression.

Gaming has provided such individuals with an outlet to express their emotions and make friends in a virtual world. It gives them a sense of being and helps them move on with their lives one moment at a time.

There are many debates on the topic of if gaming is harmful, but the arguments are always disputed by another set of arguments.

Gaming and its effects cannot be set as a moral compass, nor can they point to who might be affected. Different people react differently to games; some excel in their daily routine, while some find it hard. There is no specific answer.

Gaming Hours

Parents of gen Z cannot cope with how their kids have a tilt towards online gaming and video games rather than playing outside. If we take a moment to think that in the days when video games were limited access, kids played outside, and they enjoyed it.

The same principle applies to gaming. It might be virtual, and it might take 4-5 days off their day but wasn’t that exactly what kids did outdoors?

Times have changed, and now kids enjoy playing in different virtual adventures and find that more challenging. But the hours which are invested in gaming should be controlled.

This is because gaming is easier and more relaxing than playing outdoors because sitting in your room while your character moves with the press of a button makes fun equivalent to relaxation.

According to different studies and psyche analysis, it has been proven that gaming hours should be controlled, and if it exceeds the bracket of normal gaming, it should be pulled back.

The major question here is, what are healthy gaming hours? How can a person assess whether the hours they invest in gaming are healthy or unhealthy? For this concern, hours have been divided per age and also on the type of game played.

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1.  As A Child

Children are impressionable and need to have supervision when going on the internet. It is not just about the game but the players playing with your child.

There can be comments and words that your child might pick up. Other than that, long hours of sitting are also unhealthy for a child or pre-teen.

Psychologists have said that parents should have a two-hour rule for screen time. It can be for video gaming and TV together or divided throughout the day.

Two hours per day for a child is sufficient enough for them to maintain normal academia and score good grades, have friends and socialize, and help out around the house as needed.

If your child is procrastinating and not doing the daily set of activities as they normally would, then the hours of gaming they spend are unhealthy.

2.  As A Teenager

Teenage boys have become more and more invested in video gaming. The concern here is not just hours but the type of game they are invested in. A screen time limitation should be constant and should be strictly implemented so that a balance can be maintained. 

Teenagers tend to be loners mostly, and gaming can provide them with a virtual outlet for emotions.

There is no harm in letting your teenage kids play video games and have friends over, but that shouldn’t be all they do. 

Normal healthy gaming hours for a teenager should not extend more than 4 hours. It can be consecutively or divided throughout the day.

3.  As An Adult

Adults have a set of behavior that is very hard to change, but nothing is impossible. Usually, single adults or parents of boy teenagers have higher tendencies to play video games for long hours. These individuals also use cash games as a side hustle and give in to the temptation of gaming.

Sitting for long hours at a stretch and just using a screen is not mentally exhausting but is unhealthy for the body. 

For an adult, gaming time should not exceed 5 hours a day. More than 5 hours for an adult to play online games is unhealthy, and needs to work on it.

The Healthy Hour

Anything in excess is unhealthy. The same principle applies to online gaming. A healthy bracket for daily gaming should be between 2-6 hours maximum.

To maintain a healthy routine, players should follow the 20-20-20 rule; after every 20 minutes of gaming, look at something far for 20 seconds and then stand for 20 seconds.


Gaming is a healthy activity, and many people have started earning with online gaming as well. But this setup of sitting, gaming, and easy earning can overwhelm people into investing long unhealthy hours. To maintain a healthy lifestyle along with online gaming, try not to invest more than 5 hours daily.

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