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Minecraft, One Big Block at a Time



Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was originally designed to be an educational gaming experience. It is currently one of the most popular online games with over 100 million monthly players.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was originally designed to be an educational gaming experience. The game allows players to create and destroy the landscape in whatever form they desire. As such, Minecraft can function as a virtual world sandbox that encourages open-ended play.

The possibilities in terms of gameplay are limitless, but some typical objectives comprise building things like homes or fortresses out of textured cubes, racing minecarts on elaborate tracks, or fighting monsters for treasure and experience points. However, it has grown into a massively popular video game which often makes children neglect their schoolwork.


Minecraft is made up of three main parts; survival mode, creative mode, and adventure mode – with each having different gameplay mechanics for players to enjoy at their leisure.


Minecraft is currently available on almost every major gaming platform including Microsoft Windows, macOS, various game consoles (including the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4), and the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Players may also create their very own servers to host multiplayer games.

Players are required to obtain an account before they can begin playing Minecraft. There is no fee for an account so there is not cost involved in playing.


In its basic form, Minecraft simply has players breaking blocks of differing materials found on a randomly generated map using a game controller (or mouse) to track their movements. Through the use of these blocks, players are able to complete whatever infrastructure they desire. Players are also able to craft a variety of weapons and other supplies that can be used in their desired gameplay mode.

However, there is much more to Minecraft than just breaking blocks with a game controller (or mouse). Players are able to change the landscape by controlling blocks using pickaxes, shovels, and other tools found on a crafting table. This allows players to shape the terrain as they see fit.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting:

There are hundreds of thousands of Minecraft game servers out there. However, most of these servers are poorly maintained and have tons of spam in the chat channel. If you want the best Minecraft hosting experience, you should choose

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The Economy:

Minecraft has an in-game currency called ‘Minecraft Coins’. These coins can be obtained by breaking blocks, crafting items and selling unwanted items to other players. Though these coins serve as an in-game currency, they are not a legitimate currency. There are no real world value to these Minecraft Coins so they do not have real world value as currency.


Minecraft is truly a sandbox game which allows players to do whatever they want within its confines. As such, the game has a massive community that often engages in projects like building forts or castles with their friends or playing mini games like ‘survival vs creative’.

Tips to Minecraft:

1) Always remember to protect your belongings.

2) Always make sure you have a food supply when exploring the infinite world of Minecraft.

3) Follow the rules and keep yourself safe in multiplayer.

4) Buy the right Minecraft server hosting package to meet your needs and save money!

Minecraft is an incredibly popular game with millions of players on servers worldwide. It is also an extremely influential game that has influenced many other games including ‘blocky’ games like Terraria which seems to have borrowed heavily from Minecraft in terms of gameplay mechanics, graphics, atmosphere and even tutorials and help screens.

Despite its influence, there are still a lot of people who do not know how to play Minecraft properly.


So to conclude, Minecraft is a great game that offers infinite possibilities for the user. However, it does require a bit of patience and planning to master. Over the next few weeks or months, you should learn more about what it takes to create your own Minecraft gameserver and how to properly manage your Minecraft server. Though the game does have a few drawbacks such as being very simplistic in nature, its open-ended nature allows for a lot of creativity to shine through. As such, the game has proven to be one of the best educational gaming experiences created for children as well as adults.

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