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Can CBD Calm Your Dog During Fireworks Season


Dogs are naturally curious and can be attracted to areas where people are lighting fireworks. The trouble begins when the sounds become a bother, and the dog starts panicking due to the sounds. On such occasions, you need something to calm them down. One of the effective ways to calm the dog is to provide them with a few drops of CBD oil. 

If you are familiar with CBD and its benefits on human beings, you should know that it also has the same effects on pets. CBD can help your dogs in various ways, such as dealing with health challenges, emotional issues, etc. It can also help the canine relax in frightening situations. This article will offer some helpful guidelines for using CBD to calm the dog. 

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  1. Why Are Dogs Scared of Fireworks?

If your dog loves staying indoors, certain sounds can be unique to them, and they can quickly feel irritated. Dogs living in the suburbs are more likely to fear certain sounds than those bred in noisy areas such as cities. The city dogs are likely to walk through the park, and unfamiliar sounds rarely scare them. 

In such situations, CBD oil can help calm the mind and the body, unlike THC vape pen, which holds psychoactive effects and is unsuitable for dogs. However, those not under the influence of any calming agents are likely to be more scared of new sounds or be bothered by any noises in their surroundings. 

The loud noise of firing fireworks is one reason the dog may fear fireworks. Dogs are aware of various noises such as machines, people shouting, and many other noises, but the noise from fireworks is entirely new to them, making them more anxious. As the noise continues, the dog becomes more frightened, and they are more scared when the noise prevails for long. Like human beings, their adrenaline begins to rush, their heart pounds faster, and they can respond by behaving restlessly, barking, or running away from the scene.

A dog has a perfect sense of hearing, which amplifies the sounds scaring them further. Some dogs are also more likely to be scared of fireworks than others. For instance, a dog with an experience of past abuse, neglect, and mistreatment can become afraid of sounds and situations that can antagonize them. Other breeds such as pointers and beagles are less likely to be scared of fireworks because they are bred for hunting and are used to being closer to loud noises such as gunshots. Other breeds are likely to be scared of the noises  

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  1. How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Scared of Fireworks?

If you are not keen, you will hardly notice the dog is scared, and failure to see that can lead to the dog acting in panic. It can escape from home, be fearful of specific environments such as the house, or the situation can lead to aggression. You can observe the following signs to identify whether the dog is afraid or not.

  • Shaking
  • Seeking comfort
  • Urinating
  • Barking irritable
  • Hiding 
  • Panic

You can take various initiatives to calm your dogs if you notice the signs. The following actions you take will prevent the long-term effects of the scare and the distress associated with being around the fireworks ceremonies longer.

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  1. Using CBD To Calm Your Canine 

CBD oil is one of the most effective ways to reassure your dog and enable them to calm down and get used to the sounds. CBD attaches itself to specific receptors within the endocannabinoid systems, which regulates the pets’ natural functions. It can promote calming effects on animals and humans by limiting the production of certain hormones that trigger impulsive actions and reactions. 

You must learn how to administer CBD oil to your dog. You should administer the oil for about an hour to the fireworks, allowing the CBD to take effect before the dog hears the sound. The CBD oil enables the dog to relax effectively, and the brain will not bother with the noise in their surroundings. 

Or, you can also give the dog the best CBD dog treats. If you are using CBD oil, administer a few drops to the mouth, or you can add it to their food. Besides this, CBD also increases the levels of serotonin in the body. Serotonin promotes a balanced mood while suppressing the moods that can trigger fright. 

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The amount to administer will depend on various factors. For instance, if your dog has been taking CBD, you can increase the dosage a little. You need to limit the dosage if the dog is new to CBD. The other factor is the fear levels and the duration you will spend at the fireworks session. The other aspect is the dog size; if you have a bigger dog, you need to increase the dosage. 

  1. Other Ways To Calm Your Dog

Besides the CBD, you can calm the dogs in various ways. You can achieve that by comforting them and keeping them closer to you. You can stay closer to them and allow them to spend time beside you in bed. You can reassure them that they can hide safely closer to you. This is also the best time to take the dog for longer walks to get used to other sounds. 


Calming your dog during fireworks can be challenging, especially if the dog is new to fireworks. However, using CBD oil can enable the dog to relax effectively and deal with the fright. Besides the CBD, you can use other interventions such as comforting the dog and keeping them closer to you. 

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