NewsWhimsical Annual Plants You Should Plant in Your Yard

Whimsical Annual Plants You Should Plant in Your Yard


What are annual plants are plants which Germinate, Flower, set seeds, Die all in one season? If you like to keep your garden fresh and new For the whole year. Then annuals are the best option for you. These plants bloom flowers fast and stay in full bloom in their growing season.

 The growing season is the time when the weather in temperature allows particular plants to grow. The growing season can be of some particular find time as four months six months and three months maximum period for a growing season is a year. we are providing a best annual plants list to learn about these plants and what can make them well:


This plant is easy to care for and maintain. Marigolds are annual plants because of their capacity to bloom all summer. Its bright color makes it an elegant flower. a marigold plant needs Full sun and it needs well-drained soil. you can grow this plant at home easily nowadays plants are easily available online also. Marigold is mainly an outdoor plant.

African Violet:

African violet will add that go to your home without any effort African violet is easy to fit in all bright corners of your home. African violet is a tiny plant you can keep everywhere it blooms flowers mainly in Indore position in bright but indirect light. While planting African violet you need to add peat moss to your potting mix. African violet is an indoor plant you can get easily by ordering indoor plants online.


Orchids are very famous and elegant white flower plants which can make a beautiful decoration to any home.  Orchid plants are quite tricky to maintain and hard to care for. Orchids Bloom beautiful flowers and White color in many other colors. It is an indoor plant which means it blooms flowers only in an Indoor position, where orchids are getting direct light they are hard to produce flowers.


Geraniums are one of the famous animal plants needed to plant in cold winter climates. In cold winter climates they prefer full sun but where the sun is too hot then the afternoon climate will not be suitable for them so in the afternoon only shed is appreciated for them. You can keep the cuttings for the next year. We should use fertilizer in this plant for more flowering. This is mainly an indoor plant but for better results keep them in a sunny window. It produces very beautiful and elegant red color flowers.


If you are a plant lover you must have heard the name vinca plant. This vinca plant is also called a Periwinkle plant. It blooms non-stop throughout the summer it comes in many colors mainly white pink and red. Full sun and partial shade are preferred by Venkat Plants. Vinca Plants height usually goes to 0.75 to 2.5 feet and it needs well-drained soil and some mixed fertilizer in it for better results. Vinca plants are quite popular so you can get this by order plants online.

What are the Benefits of Planting Annual Plants?

  • Annual plants have instant impact. Annual plants are usually easy to grow and low maintenance plants which offer us brightly coloured elegant flowers in our garden or yard.
  • They are quite versatile and can be grown everywhere in your garden, in your backyard, on your balcony, in your sunny window, in hanging baskets or in any kind of container.
  • The most and very important benefit for planting annual plants is that annual plants offer us a variety of colours and flowers we can choose according to our preference because it has many options.
  • You can find plants for any season as it grows in their growing season. You can get plants in summer and winter at low maintenance and easy to care for.
  • It is not compulsory that annual plants will die when their growing season is over if you are caring for the plants properly in some cases annual plants bloom non-stop from planting.

Here we have seen the most popular annual plants which will add vibrant colours in your garden or yard in their growing season. If you are a Plant lover and impatient then you must try to Plant annual plants in your yard.

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