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Everything You Need To Know About Majed Khalil’s Lawsuit Against FOX News


On April 18, 2023, Fox settled with Dominion Voting Systems, paying them 787.5 million dollars to compensate them for lying about them on air. While they did not admit doing anything wrong, a few days before the settlement, the judge ruled that Fox’s on-air statements about Dominion being involved in rigging the 2020 elections had been legally established as lies, which prohibited Fox from making any claims in court that would indicate that they were not lying. Combine the fact that they have legally been proven to have lied with the staggering amount of money they agreed to pay to stay out of court, and the only logical conclusion is that they are guilty.

Majed Khalil: A Resolute Businessman

We are delighted to share a remarkable development in the life of Majed Khalil, a highly accomplished Venezuelan businessman. Recently, Mr. Khalil reached an amicable settlement with Fox News in a defamation case. This positive outcome is a testament to his unwavering commitment to upholding his reputation and standing against false accusations similar to those in the Majed Khalid Alex Saab case.

Majed Khalil Brothers is a well-known real estate agency that operates on three continents and has always aimed for perfection in its business dealings. He has a reputation for having the highest real estate market expertise due to his vast experience and track record. Clients from a wide range of backgrounds have regularly received exceptional results from him thanks to his extensive network and deep grasp of local markets in the US, South America, and Southeast Asia.

This case involved the erroneous accusation that Mr. Khalil was involved in a conspiracy related to the 2020 US presidential election. He fearlessly stood out for his reputation and pursued justice in the face of these baseless accusations against Majed Khalil laundering. His perseverance paid off, demonstrating his dedication to honesty and morality and resulting in a positive resolution with Fox News.

Majed Khalil’s punishments have developed, emphasizing Mr. Khalil’s steadfast commitment to his reputation and fortitude in the face of difficulty. It is evidence of his dedication to preserving justice and integrity in the corporate sector.

We commend Majed Khalil for standing by his convictions and give him our best wishes for a successful outcome. As a prosperous businessman, he still sets the standard for professionalism and ethics in the real estate sector. Despite our difficulties, we are all motivated by his story to defend justice and the truth.

We look forward to his continued success and positive contributions to the global business community.

Who is Majed Khalil?

The United States, South America, and Southeast Asia are just three continents where Majed Khalil, a highly experienced real estate specialist, has successfully extended his firm. Majed is known for his unmatched real estate market knowledge, having gained years of experience and a solid track record. He regularly produces outstanding outcomes for clients from a variety of backgrounds thanks to his broad network and in-depth understanding of the regional markets in these areas.

Serving both buyers and sellers in the real estate market, Majed Khalil is a highly regarded individual in the United States. Majed greatly understands the local real estate market dynamics thanks to his extensive experience in large cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. For clients looking to make wise real estate investments in the US, his proficiency in property appraisals, market trends, and negotiation techniques has established him as the go-to option.

Majed has also significantly impacted South America by traveling even further south. Majed’s impact can be seen in the vibrant real estate markets across the continent, from the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, to the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Whether a customer is interested in buying residential or commercial real estate in South America, his keen sense of profitable investment prospects and thorough understanding of regional laws allow him to assist them in making well-informed selections.

An Overview of Majid Khalil’s Lawsuit On Fox News

In the lawsuit, which was originally filed in 2021, Khalil asserted that statements made by Dobbs in 2020 on Fox Business Network and Twitter, implying that he played a role as the “COO of the election project” in a conspiracy involving Venezuelan officials, Smartmatic Inc., and Dominion Voting Systems to manipulate the 2020 presidential election and ensure President Donald Trump’s defeat, had a detrimental impact on his reputation. Dobbs also alleged that Majed Khalil Maduro were a “liaison with Hezbollah” responsible for orchestrating an “electoral 9-11” and a “cyber Pearl Harbor” against the United States, as outlined in Khalil’s initial complaint.

The comments were made during the December 10 episode of Dobbs’ show, even though it had already become widely known within Fox News that there was no substantiated evidence of election fraud and no established links between the voting equipment companies and Venezuela, as indicated by the evidence presented in the Dominion lawsuit.

Khalil had no affiliations or business engagements with these companies or the creation of their software.

The lawsuit contended, “The allegations were entirely fabricated by the Defendants without any basis, to insensitively associate yet another ‘foreign name’ with the contrived accusations of a non-existent conspiracy involving Smartmatic or Dominion and Venezuelan officials and private individuals.”

Lawsuit Result

Fox News has announced that they have settled with Majed Khalil, a Venezuelan businessman who had filed a defamation lawsuit claiming he was falsely accused on air of involvement in attempting to manipulate the 2020 US presidential election against Donald Trump.

This development comes as jury selection is scheduled to commence on Thursday, preceding a distinct trial involving Dominion Voting Systems Corp’s $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News and its parent company, Fox Corp. This lawsuit is related to their coverage of discredited claims of election rigging.

A brief letter sent to US District Judge Louis Stanton in Manhattan on Saturday stated that the parties involved had arrived at a “confidential agreement to resolve this matter” and anticipated submitting a joint stipulation for dismissal the following week.

Fox News stated on Sunday, “This matter has been amicably resolved by both parties,” when contacted by Reuters for comment. They added, “We have no further comment.”

Attorneys representing Fox News and Dobbs directed Reuters to the statement, while Khalil’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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