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What the Latest Premier League US TV Rights Deal Means for American Fans


The Premier League has finally agreed to a six-year deal. The deal has been made with NBC sports and it is understood that the agreement is going to be worth well over £2 billion. This is double the price of the deal that came before, and it is going to run all the way through to 2028. The deal covers every single match, and it also covers Spanish as a language coverage. NBC broadcasted the Premier League in the year 2013 and they have been responsible for hosting it ever since. Richard Masters who is the chief executive of the Premier League has said that he is delighted to be able to announce the United States broadcast deal and that they have been a fantastic partner for the Premier League over the last nine seasons.

NBC and The Premier League

A lot of Americans wonder how to bet on sports if it is not present in their chosen country but deals like this help to make it easier. More and more US bookmakers are now offering betting options for the Premier League, and this is going to make it much more convenient for people to get the matchup bets that they want, placed. Deals like this also truly help to strengthen the overall popularity level of the Premier League in the US and this is fantastic, to say the least.

A lot of their work is going to be done through promotion and through amazing coverage, something that NBC are striving to offer across the board. NBC Sports and Premier League Mornings are now a real institution when you look at supporters who are in America. Fans are very eager to get up early so that they can cheer on their top club, and this happens week-in, week-out. It is also a very exciting time for football in general as by the year it can penetrate new markets and reach new audiences.

As the years go by, it would seem that more and more fans in the US are becoming fans of football and they are also helping it to push further into more markets. If you look at Canada for example, you will soon see that more people there are becoming fans of football, and this would not have happened if it did not penetrate the US market as it has done. This is a very interesting movement, to say the least, and it just goes to show how far the sporting market has come.

NBC Sports Chairman

Pete Bevacqua, who is the chairman for NBC sports has said that they are very excited about this extension and that they are excited to see the Premier League grow and grow. They have also said that Jon Miller is a very talented and dedicated professional who wants to see the league reach its true potential. Some would say that the new agreement is a testament to the hard work and even the marketing efforts of the company. It is also a sign of the tremendous partnership that they have been able to establish over the years.  The statement was announced earlier and there was no concern over the fact that the Premier League have lost £2 million as a result of canceled matches. The League has also announced that they are going to donate a record amount to some of the clubs that participate in lower league football, which is very interesting, to say the least. It looks like this partnership in particular is going to revolutionize football as we know it.


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