EducationApps That Help Me Do My Engineering Homework

Apps That Help Me Do My Engineering Homework


Engineers, designers, and artists often use different kinds of resources to deal with 2D or 3D drawings. What sources do I use to do my engineering homework? I do it with the help of special apps that are available for working on smartphones.


It is very easy to use. However, the app is quite functional. Its big advantage is that for the full functionality, you don’t need to register in it, and you do not need access to the Internet. The app is absolutely free, and you can download it through PlayMarket.

It is possible to create drawings of two-dimensional schemes, as well as three-dimensional models with a tool. In addition, it supports large enough files, which allows you to deal with even rather large pictures.

You can save diagrams to the phone or Google Drive storage. If you use the storage, you can share your creation with your friends, who can leave their comments.


This program is an editor for DWG files. It is ideal for engineers, and architects. It is in this application that you can very simply and in a short time create a virtual model of the future building. To use all the functionality, you must register on the AutoDesk website.

The platform supports 3D models of any size. It has a built-in library with many details and elements. Autocad is the most sought-after computer-aided design software on the market that architects, engineers and builders use to create accurate 2D and 3D drawings. You can work with the automation of sections, floor plans, and elevations. You can draw pipes, ducts, and electrical circuits using libraries, a wide range of tools by specialization. It offers the automatic creation of annotations, layers, BOMs, lists, and tables. Leverage rule-based workflows to accurately adhere to industry standards. 

DWG FastView CAD Viewer

It is a helpful app for engineers. It is the easiest drawing and editing utility to use. It is, perhaps, inferior to similar resources in terms of the amount of functions and settings. However, at the same time, it offers a number of positive aspects.

You don’t need to register to work in it and use all functions and settings, which are available on the resource. Also, you can save the image on the phone when there is no Internet connection. A user can upload the saved files with drawings to the cloud storage and share them with friends.

This app will be really helpful to beginners since there are only basic settings that you will need in the drawing. The interface is simple and straightforward for the user without experience of working with such apps. You can also use the round-the-clock support of the developer site administration. Its employees will help if some problem occurs in a short time. You just need to contact them for getting help through a special tab.

Sketch Box Free

This platform has built-in drawing functions. You should pay special attention to the ability to make drawings with vector lines. It has a quite simple and straightforward interface. At the same time, you can find a large number of various drawing tools. A lot of pencils differ in hardness, color, and line thickness. It offers the ability to use radial and scalar coordinates. It has multi-layered images. You can block a layer, create it with different degrees of transparency, and so on.

The app will definitely appeal not only to engineers but also to users who learn to draw geographic, topographic, and other types of maps. Also, there is support for using Google maps.

All these programs can be downloaded to a phone with the Android operating system through the official PlayMarket application. They are free handy tools for creating drawings on phones on different types of Android.

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