LawTruck accident - Tips to follow to avoid it

Truck accident – Tips to follow to avoid it


Trucks are mostly commercial vehicles and enormous in size and weight and an accident involving trucks causes severe accidents leading to fatal injuries and even death. The damages arising from such accidents can lead to permanent disability that will affect you mentally, emotionally, and financially. To recover from such accidents you will have to recover the damages by filing for compensation with the help of a good truck accident attorney. Such accidents come under the purview of personal injury law and will require the legal help of a personal injury attorney in Scranton, PA

Tips to follow to avoid truck accidents: 

  • Give trucks plenty of space: Due to their enormous size trucks require much more space to turn and stop after recognizing a hazard. Therefore, do not drive near the truck and keep a wide distance. Sometimes tire blowouts of the ruck can cause severe accidents if you are driving nearer to the ruck. Therefore, give plenty of space to such huge vehicles, especially when the ruck is turning as some trucks might need two lanes while making a wide turn. Also, never try to overtake the truck from the right-hand side as you can get trapped between the curb and the vehicle.
  • Stay away from their blind spots: Due to their size, trucks have larger blind spots when compared to a normal vehicle. This is the reason why stay out of 20 feet in front of the truck and at least 30 feet behind the truck. 
  • Pass quickly: Trucks cannot stop immediately when compared to a normal vehicle. Therefore, it is important to pass such vehicles as quickly as possible. As a safe measure, always pass on the left side, do not try to overtake trucks when uphill or downhill, and do not get back on the lane in front of the truck till you see the driver from your rearview mirror. 
  • Avoid distractions: When driving on a highway with trucks on the road, you must avoid distractions. Even the slightest distraction can cause a major collision. Avoid using gadgets, fiddling with the entertainment unit of the car, constantly checking the GPS tracker, etc. 

Thousands of people lose their lives and ability to work due to truck accident injuries. Most trucks involved are commercial trucks, therefore, if the trucks are the cause of an accident then you can claim compensation against the trucking company. Such personal injury claims are best filed with the help of a reputed truck accident lawyer. Truck accident lawyers are adept in personal injury law and will surely help you win maximum compensation for the damages that you have suffered.

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