HealthDangerous additives in infant formula that are better to...

Dangerous additives in infant formula that are better to avoid 


There are lots of baby formulas on the market that you can choose from. Obviously, they are quite different in their compositions and functions. When you face the need to choose the right baby formula for your little one, you definitely feel confused when you see all of them on the supermarket shelves or on websites. To make the right decision you need to consult a doctor, who surely knows more than you and is more experienced, but you also need to find out about some ingredients that should be included and ones that shouldn’t. 

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The first step to give your baby healthy milk is choosing organic baby formula.

Mothers who are unable to breastfeed always look for some formulas that can fully substitute breast milk and be nutritional, enriching and safe. So, the first right step is to choose organic baby formula which is created with natural ingredients without adding chemicals that will harm your baby. Moreover, it is much closer to breast milk than conventional baby formula and is more suitable for a baby’s little sensitive tummy. Finding the best organic baby formula can turn into a real challenge. You can go to the original source link and find out some tips on that topic.

Sadly, not all organic baby formulas are completely safe. If you are the one who really cares about your child and wants to ensure his or her wellbeing and timely development, look at this list of ingredients that are just harmful for your loved one. With this knowledge you would act more wisely and choose healthy milk for a baby.

  1. Heavy metals

Recent surveys found that many baby food products contain high amounts of heavy metals which are quite dangerous for babies. Arsenic, cadmium sf lead are some of them and are able to deteriorate infant mind, brain, immune system and cardiovascular system. They are naturally found in all soil, but they come to baby food without proper filtration and that’s why they are unhealthy. The most frequent one is Aluminum and it increases the risk of neurological diseases.

2. Soy

Soy is an extremely controversial ingredient that a lot of experts argue about. It is widely used as a main source of protein in baby formulas. And many mothers choose this formula for babies who have milk protein allergy or sensitivity. However, it is not recommended by doctors. Soy is unhealthy because of three components: phytoestrogens, physic and genistein. These compounds can block important nutrients and cause some development problems. If it’s not visible at an early stage, it can become so in an early adolescence.

3. Corn Maltodextrin

The most important information that you should know about this ingredient is that it’s a sweetener which is already unhealthy. It’s often present in snack foods like chips and crackers as it’s a cheap food additive. Also, it can be sourced from GMO corn.

4. Preservatives

They are used to make the baby formula last longer and extend its shelf life. They are fully unnatural, so bad for kids. Having these elements in the milk, babies are usually likely to have food allergies. So be careful and read your baby formulas package closely. Preservatives can be used by names sulfur dioxide and «additives».

5. Corn Syrup/Sugar

You definitely know that babies mustn’t consume sugar or Corn Syrup, but, unfortunately, they are used in most American formulas. Unexpectedly, the sugar content in baby formulas was approximately the same as in sugary soft drinks. They are both high in carbohydrates and calories and you surely don’t want to imagine your little one drinking that. 

6. GMO (Genetically Modified Ingredients)

Parents always search for GMO-free baby formula and they do the right thing. Babies in their early age are extremely sensitive and their little tummies and immune systems are not ready to process GMOs. That’s why these elements cause allergies, various digestive issues and damage to the immune system.

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