EducationTop Career Options After Physics Honours

Top Career Options After Physics Honours


Physics is a super interesting subject, adored by astronomers, mathematicians, and philosophers for ages. There’s high demand for this subject in India and many students go for Physics honors after completing their 12th in the science stream. Many lucrative career opportunities await the students when they pass college boundaries with a physics specialization. Are you one of those graduates who hold a deep interest in studying atoms and molecules? If yes, this article will benefit you like no other.

A skilled and knowledgeable physics graduate can bag different opportunities. What are those? What are some of the top career options that can work magic for you when pursued with dedication? We’ll discuss all this information here in this article. Let’s review what are some of the most tempting and popular career options mostly pursued by Physics graduates in India.

Top Career Options After Physics Honours

The list below highlights some of the major physics career options that can open the doors to various career opportunities in front of a student. Let’s explore!

Statistician: A highly coveted career path by many students in the Physics stream is that of a Statistician. As a Statistician, you’ll be responsible to lead a team of other statisticians and data analysts to deliver the needed statistics or data. You can work across various sectors like a lab, research institutes, schools, and related areas to deliver your expertise and bring the firm the required results.

Radiation Oncologist: Another popular career option among Physics candidates is a Radiation Oncologist. In this profession, you’ll be solely responsible to treat cancer using ionized ration. Your specialization will be in this domain.

Research Head: If you are someone who wishes to stick to the academic world and explore the best out of it, research is the best option. As a research head, you’ll be responsible to instruct or supervise a team of researchers and also conduct a research analysis. It is among the top coveted career options among students who clear their college with a physics specialization.

Other popular job options in the private sector for physics students could be quality control manager and Treasury management specialist.

Jobs in Government Sector After Physics

Completing your Physics honors will also open the doors to various government opportunities. Other than going for a career in the research government institutes, you can choose to explore other sectors too, like:

  • Research Scientist
  • Lab Technician
  • Academician
  • Lab Supervisor
  • Consultant

Top government organizations that employ skilled candidates in this domain include:

  • Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
  • Defense Research and Development Organization
  • Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
  • Research Labs
  • Various Research Institutes in India

If you wish to hone your skills more based on your area of interest, you could be interested to pursue any of these courses:

  • MBA in Data Science
  • MBA in Information Technology
  • PG Diploma in Machine
  • MSc in Vacuum Science
  • MSc in Material Science and Engineering
  •  MSc in Geophysics
  • MSc in Molecular Physics

Many websites launch course to offer distance learning MBA and PGD programs to interested candidates.

Even various short-term courses such as PG Diploma in Data Science, PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence, and Certificate in Lab Assistance/Technician are available in the market. Even as a specialist you can sell online courses from your own website and help candidates get ahead in the professional domain.

If you’re willing to dive deeper into upskilling and hone your professional side you can take up these courses as per your interest.

Wrapping Up

These were the top job options and further career opportunities that you can go for as a student of Physics honors. The beautiful branch holds immense opportunities for the candidates and if treated with care and dedication, you can achieve greater heights in this domain.

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