Life styleConquer Summer with the Best Pool Supplies

Conquer Summer with the Best Pool Supplies


It’s that time of year, the first day of summer has come and gone, and the heat is here to prove that. If you’re sick of being stuck indoors for four to six months while the sun bakes the sidewalk, you’re not alone.

A popular outdoor escape

While it’s surely no surprise to hear Americans enjoy their summer fun, it might be a little staggering to learn some of the statistics surrounding that. Some 300,000 public pools are open to citizens to enjoy a refreshing dip. Staggering high above that number is how many homeowners have their own family pool. You can read more at this site to find some interesting facts about the love our country has for swimming.


Public pool or private pool

Having grown up in a neighborhood with a pool located in the center, I can tell you a little of the magic is lost when you compare the experiences of a public pool versus a privately owned pool in your yard. Besides the obvious troubles of having to pack everything up before heading out, worrying about what you may forget or find need of once you’ve already arrived, there’s also the considerably unpleasant possibility it will be packed with other people. Trying to enjoy a swim while there are nearly a dozen other people in the same water as you is frustrating as an adult and nearly impossible as a small child, who can easily slip under the water or be pulled away from their parent by a current created from too much movement.

You may think owning your own pool is too much of a hassle, but if you have the right tools and chemicals, you can have clean, fresh water to dive into anytime you like. Being on your own property, you can also have more floating lounges or toys to use for your kids and visitors, since you don’t have to worry about stuffing them into a vehicle or carrying them in your arms down the sidewalk. See some of your options for cheap online pool accessories and stock up on some necessities, as well as some fun inflatables!

Pool supplies for all of your needs

Any parent you ask will tell you investing in a good sunscreen for the summer is an absolute must, unless you want glowy pink children to end up peeling on your couch a few days later. Protect yourself with high-grade SPF creams or sprays and enjoy your fun in the sun without fretting for your family’s safety. More than just protection from sunburn, regular use of sunscreen and careful management of time spent in direct sunlight can help reduce the risk of things like sunspots or other skin damage.

As a child my mother often joked that I was a fish in the water, I would stay in the pool until I was turning into a prune. My favorite thing to do was swim to the deep part of the pool and dive down as deep as I could, to try and fetch weighted diving toys or to touch the tiles on the floor of the deep end. I never could get goggles to stay on my face, so at some point every time I swam, I would end up pulling them off and leaving them on my chair. No one thought to explain to me how to adjust the straps! Thankfully you can, in fact, adjust the straps on nearly all goggles, and investing in a few pairs for the kids is a wise investment.

Exercise and fun in one

Swimming is more than just a fun physical activity that is great for burning calories, entertaining your children, or getting a tan. It’s a bonding experience, one that your kids will never forget. Knowing how to swim is also an important confidence builder, for you and your loved ones. A surprising number of drownings happen every year, and only about half of all Americans know how to swim and can do so safely, as detailed in the link below:

Having a clean and safe pool for your child to practice in can help ensure you can trust them in the water under your supervision.

Perfect for encouraging your family, adults and children alike, to stay active despite the heat of the summer months, and excellent for bringing the family together for some quality fun together, owning and maintaining a pool is an investment in your entertainment. Give yourself the full summer experience by refreshing your pool and stocking up on the best toys and swimming accessories.

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