LocationThomas Funeral Home Centerville Iowa

Thomas Funeral Home Centerville Iowa


Thomas Funeral Homes is located in Centerville, Iowa, United States. It takes care of all aspects of a funeral ceremony from the hearse, to the cremation, to the prayer meeting.

Let’s see their services, Thomas Funeral Home Centerville Iowa working hours and appointment process in detail…


Burial Services:

Burial is a process in which the body of the loved one is placed inside the ground. The body can be placed in a casket, which is sealed before it is placed inside the ground.

Cremation Services

Cremation is an alternative to the burial process, in which the body is buried as opposed to being burnt.

You can check these services in detail in the below video:


You can book an appointment in three ways.

Working Hours:

Thomas Funeral Home opens 24×7.

Address & Map:

Address: 01 North 18th Street Centerville, IA 52544


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