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7 Nursing Technologies You Can Master Through a Nursing Program


7 Nursing Technologies You Can Master Through a Nursing Program Technology has changed how we connect, listen to music, work out, shop, play games, and more. Thus it is no surprise that technology has resulted in significant, positive change in the healthcare industry, and nurses across the country are more on these innovations. 

However, it is essential to find an accredited nursing program before choosing a nursing degree. UTA has several CCNE-accredited programs to choose from the list.

Here are seven nursing technologies you can learn in a nursing program.

  1. Wireless Communication Systems

An impactful technology you can learn in a nursing program is wireless communication technology. This wireless communication system allows nurses to interact with other healthcare members using smartphone technology. Another type of hands-free communication technology is voice-activated communication devices, which the nurse can use to summon other team members. Also, Read More About – Evion 400 Mg Capsule Uses in Hindi

  1. Smart Beds

As a result of recent developments, smart beds are now more than just a place for patients to rest and sleep. Learning about this impactful technology will help you learn about its exciting functions. 

7 Nursing Technologies You Can Master Through a Nursing Program Some of these smart beds can accommodate people, often redistributing weight and preventing bedsores. These beds also include sensors that can notify the nurse if the patient gets out of bed to reduce the risk of patient falls.

  1. Electronic Charting

In the nursing program, you can learn about electronic health records (EHR), which have been the most significant development in charting over the past ten years. Instead of paper charts, hospitals and medical offices now use computer charting systems that allow nurses to check orders, review data and patient assessments, and record them in the software. It facilitates access to real-time information and reduces the possibility of errors.

  1. Automated IV Pumps

Over the past ten years, IV pumps have evolved from devices that pump IV fluid or pharmaceuticals at a predetermined rate to automated pumps that may store different drug libraries. Depending on the situation, IV pumps deliver medications at different rates, start and stop at specific times, and interact with other devices.

  1. Real-Time Location Sensors

In nursing school, you can also learn about real-time location sensors that help to locate equipment that may have been moved or misplaced by tracking it. For example, location sensors can tell if a nurse cleaned their hands before leaving the room if a nurse is in the room, how much time the nurse spends in each room, and other information about the movement of nursing staff.

  1. Radio-Frequency Identification

In hospitals and other medical institutions today, radio frequency identification (RFID) devices are used to monitor everything from medications and equipment to patient records, if needed, to the patient itself. Learning about RFID technology helps you to know how it identifies and track tags that contain electronically stored data. As a result, you can use tags to prevent the loss or theft of medicines from shipping to distribution and storage.

  1. Smart TVs

Another exciting technology that you can master in a nursing program is a smart tv. Smart tv can help patients communicate with staff, distract them, or teach them things. The teaching features of smart TVs, in particular, enable patients to receive individualized instruction that is comprehensive and detailed, freeing the nurse to care for other patients and enhancing the education the nurse provides.

Both technology and nurses are here to stay, but as nursing technologies advance, the actual presence of a nurse as we know it will change. It will include working with emerging healthcare technology, abandoning activities that lend themselves to automation, and devoting more time to nursing work.

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