SportsThe main events in the world of cricket this...

The main events in the world of cricket this summer


Indian bettors have been using cricket for sports betting for many years. Popular in the country, the Premier League brings together millions of viewers from different cities and states. At the same time, the Indian tournament is not the only professional competition that you can bet on. This sport is also popular in several other countries, including England, Australia, and South Africa, so you can continue to bet all year round.

The game originated several centuries ago in the UK. Through the expansion of the colonial empire, the British spread the love of cricket around the globe. Cricket has the status of a national sport today in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. For a bet on cricket to bring a solid jackpot, it will be enough for players to choose a reliable bookmaker, which is PM. The company makes a lot of efforts to make sports betting more understandable, profitable, and convenient. Players can use the desktop version of the site or the application to make another profitable bet.

The popularity of cricket in the world

Cricket betting is increasingly appearing in a line of new bookmakers, as well as venues that have a huge audience. Players are invited to bet on national and international tournaments. The most popular championships take place in countries united by the British Commonwealth. You can bet on matches taking place in countries such as:

  • Pakistan;
  • England;
  • Canada.

Recently, cricket has become more and more popular in Arab countries. If we talk about international tournaments, then the World Cup is celebrated here first of all. Not only men’s but also women’s teams take part in it. The annual holding of the tournament allows you to diversify the line of national championships.

How to bet on cricket?

Each sports discipline has its characteristics, which you need to pay attention to when preparing for bets. Cricket is one of the oldest sports. Despite numerous changes, it still retains a variety of traditional features. Test matches in this regard remain the most archaic, so the game can last up to several days. To slightly increase the dynamics, updated regulations were developed. We are talking about tournaments with one-day matches or T20 championships. As a result, the duration of the game has been reduced to a few hours, so even beginners will feel comfortable watching and betting on cricket.

Knowing the basic nuances of the gameplay, it will be easier to understand the rules of cricket. The game takes place on an oval field with 11 players on each side. The goal of the team is to score points, which makes the game similar to all classic disciplines. Points can be earned for runs that batsmen must make. The throwing team must eliminate all opposing batsmen from the game.

A large number of different markets are available to players for betting. First of all, bookmakers accept the main outcomes for betting on cricket, which include W1 and W2. You can bet with a handicap on points, which is also a good option. The draw winner is another betting option where the chances of winning are 50/50. Players can bet on the total, which can be shared or individual. There are a lot of statistical betting options, so experienced players will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of opportunities for receiving dividends.

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