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December Holidays Around the World: The Top 5 Places to Go


The most lovely month of the winter season i.e, December, brings the joy of togetherness, the chills of cold winds, and delicious food to enjoy with family. Gathering around the bonfire and spending time with your loved ones truly signifies the winter season. 

People tend to stay at home during the winter, especially in places where heavy snowfall is common. But the rest of the population can’t experience the same in their native city or country. We find this unfair, and in order to solve this issue, we have categorized the most amazing places in winter all over the world and came up with the top five places to visit during the December global holidays.

Winter is also known as the holiday season, so to enjoy your holidays during December, you can definitely visit any of these five places to have a lifetime experience.

Top 5 Places to Visit in December for International Holidays:

In order to visit a place, you must be prepared with the flight tickets, know about the places to visit, and have a comfortable hotel to stay at. We will go through all of these to make your trip a beautiful one.

  1. Prague, Czech republic

It can also be called the fairytale land of Europe. The summers attract most of the tourists here, but those who visit this place in the winter can experience some of the amazing winter activities. During the December global holidays, many people enjoy skiing, ropeways to high mountains, and the food and wine that come with the winter season.

Flight Tickets: The round trip cost starts at $500 for the round trip if booked at least 2 months before the trip check this page.

Hotels: They are quite cheap in the winter, starting at $20 a night with all the facilities. Like – The Plaza Hotel and Alfons Boutique Hotel

Food to enjoy: Pražská Šunka, Palačinky, Medovina (drink)

  1. Salzburg or Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt, a little Austrian hamlet, appears to be right out of a storybook. Winter in Hallstatt is just stunning, with the snow-covered Alps encircling the resort, providing a veritable winter paradise.

The main market in Salzburg is held under the shadow of the Hohensalzburg fortress, but the one in Mirabell Square is especially popular with foodies who come to enjoy local specialties such as halusky — chunks of dumpling combined with fried bacon.

Flight Tickets: The fare starts at $628 for the round trip

Hotels: Hotel Salzburg City Center costs around $50 per night

Food to enjoy: Viennese Apfelstrudel and Knödel are quite famous in Austria

  1. Tromsø, Norway

If your dream is to watch the northern lights, then no other place can beat Norway, and specifically this city, Tromsø. The most beautiful city in the Arctic has everything a tourist looks for, starting from scenic views of snowy mountains, activities like skiing, and delicious food. All this attracts a lot of customers during the December global holidays. 

Flight Tickets: The fare starts at $800 for the round trip.

Hotels: Tromso Camping and AMI Hotel start at $50 per night.

 Food to enjoy: Tromsø Kaffebrenneri is a must-visit cafe, and fish soup and seafood       

 platters at Fiskekompaniet

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

The capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik, famous for its views of the northern lights, is one of the best places to visit during the December global holidays. It has some beautiful architecture to visit, like Parks and Harpa Concert Hall.

Most tourists enjoy the view of the whole city by taking a helicopter ride. It has been suggested by most of them to definitely experience it. talking about the delicacies in Reykjavik, their yogurt, slow-roasted lamb, and  Hakarl-fermented shark is very famous.

Flight Tickets: The fare starts at $480 for the round trip.

Hotels: Scandic Ishavshotel, Clarion Hotel The Edge, and others will be suitable for stay. 

Food to enjoy: fish soup, blueberry skyr cake, and lobster soup are must-haves.

  1. Nagano, Japan

Nagano, being a past Winter Olympics host city, is an excellent starting point for visiting neighboring ski slopes. After a day on the slopes, the natural hot springs on the outskirts are ideal. Beautiful snow-covered Buddhist temples are worth seeing, as is the Togakushi Minzoku-kan folklore museum, which has an interesting exhibit on the ninjas who trained there.

Flight Tickets: The fare starts at $1200 roundtrip.

Hotels: Chisun Grand Nagano and Hotel Metropolitan Nagano are pleasant stays starting from $50 per night.

Food to enjoy: Shinshu Soba, Nozawana-zuke, and Basashi are the best delicacies in Nagano.


  1. Is December the best time to visit Iceland?

Ans. It totally depends on person to person. Many people visit Iceland in winter to enjoy the snow and activities like skiing.

  1. Which is the best festival during which these countries should be visited?

Ans. Christmas and New Year are the most common festivals during which these countries experience a large number of tourists.

  1. Should we plan our itinerary on our own or buy a tour package?

Ans. If you have no idea about the country, then a tour package would be better for you.

  1. Is Iceland cheaper in the winter or summer?

Ans. Iceland is cheaper in the winter as fewer tourists visit compared to the summers.

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