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Test Cricket’s Most Thrilling Finishes: A List of Heart-Stopping Moments



Cricket is a test of patience and endurance. The game can last anywhere from a day to five days, and in that time, the team with the most runs at the end of the game is the winner. However, there have been some thrilling finishes in cricket that have left fans on the edge of their seats.

Below is a list of some of the most nail-biting finishes in Test Cricket history covered in headlines cricket. If you’re a cricket fan, you don’t want to miss this!

The 2001 Kolkata Test: India’s Historic Win

The 2001 Kolkata Test is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling finishes in the history of test cricket. Played in India, it was a historic win for the home team who had never beaten Australia in a test match before.

The match was tight right from the beginning, with neither team able to pull ahead. In the end, it all came down to the final innings, with India needing just three runs to win and Australia batting for survival.

The match was full of drama, with a batting collapse, a rearguard action and last-minute heroics from Harbhajan Singh bowling boundary balls that sealed the win. Not only was it a great team performance but also a tremendous effort from individual players such as Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Harbhajan Singh.

The victory was all the more remarkable as India had gone into the match as heavy underdogs. The Aussies were one of the most dominant teams of the era and India’s win was seen as a remarkable victory.

The match also highlighted the new wave of Indian cricket, which was characterized by aggressive and fearless cricket. The win was a huge psychological boost for the Indian team and their new approach, and it gave them a lot of confidence that they could compete and even beat the big teams.

The win was celebrated all over India, becoming a symbol of national pride and showing that India could compete against the best in the world.

The 2001 Kolkata Test match is still remembered today as one of the greatest test cricket matches in the history of the game. The victory against the Aussies was an important landmark for Indian cricket and is a testament to the confidence the team took in future matches. It also showed the world that India is no pushover and that it can be a top cricketing nation.

In a nail-biting finish, India managed to get the winning runs and clinch an amazing victory. The match is still remembered as one of the most exciting cricket games ever played.

The 1992 South Africa v England Test

The 1992 South Africa v England Test is often cited as one of the most thrilling finishes in the history of Test Cricket.

In a match that went down to the wire, South Africa was finally able to edge out England by just 22 runs and clinch an unlikely victory. The tension was palpable as the players fought for every run and wicket, and the fans in the stands were on the edge of their seats until the very end.

If you’re a fan of cricket (or just sports in general), then this match is worth a watch!

Australia v West Indies, Brisbane, 1960

In 1960, an Australia vs West Indies test match in Brisbane went down to the wire. Australia was just nine wickets down and needed 78 more runs to win when the team’s captain, Neil Harvey, was out. The odds were against them, but Wally Grout and Ron Archer managed to score the remaining runs and win the game for Australia. This dramatic victory is now considered one of the most thrilling finishes in test cricket history.

Australia v South Africa, Adelaide, 1952

It’s time to discuss one of the most thrilling finishes to a game of Test cricket ever witnessed. We’re talking about the Australia v South Africa game in Adelaide, in 1952. With South Africa needing just one run from two balls, Australia’s Christian ‘Chuck’ Fleetwood-Smith got ready for what was about to happen. What followed can only be described as pure drama and tension!

Chuck bowled a leg break which South African batsman Eric Dalton sent sky-high. Australian wicketkeeper Gil Langley had his eye on it and ran back towards the foot of the stands. As the ball dropped his gloves snapped shut around it, just before it fell out of bounds. It was a heart-stopping moment and an absolute classic!

Australia v England, Perth Test Match of 1982

The fifth entry on our list takes us to the Perth Test Match between Australia and England in 1982. On the final day, Australia needed only 254 runs to win the match with five wickets in hand. However, an incredible bowling performance from England’s Bob Willis saw him take eight wickets for 43 runs from 24 overs and set the stage for a thrilling finish.

Both teams had their share of ups and downs as the game progressed, but eventually, England had Australia on the ropes. Facing a daunting task with only two wickets left, Australia was able to pull off an incredible win with one ball remaining! It was a moment of sheer excitement for Australian cricket fans, as well as a great example of courage and determination from both teams.

New Zealand vs India, Napier Test Match of 2009

While many Test matches throughout cricket’s history have been close and thrilling, the match between New Zealand and India in Napier in 2009 was one for the ages. With one of the smallest margins for failure possible – just two runs – New Zealand needed to stop India from scoring a single run to win.

The Indian team, who had reached a total of 591, put up an incredible resistance in their second innings, resulting in a game that was down to the wire. With only a few balls left to play, the last pair of batsmen needed to survive three balls without a run to win.

In the end, it all came down to luck as New Zealand’s fast bowler Iain O’Brien managed to bowl a near-perfect delivery that was defended by batsman Ishant Sharma, securing victory for New Zealand by just two runs. The tension and drama of this nail-biting finish will go down as one of Test cricket’s most thrilling finishes.


So, there you have it! Our list of Test Cricket’s most thrilling finishes. These games had us on the edge of our seats, and we’re sure they’ll have the same effect on you. If you’re a cricket fan, be sure to check out these matches the next time you’re looking for a heart-pounding good time. And, if you’re not a cricket fan yet, we hope you’ll give it a try after seeing how exciting this sport can be!

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