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What Is Gambling Addiction at Non GamStop Casinos & How Do You Recognize It?


Experts consider gambling addiction to be a mental illness. The danger is that the player withdraws from society, spends a lot of money, loses touch with reality and takes out loans with high interest rates. If the sick person is not helped, he or she may commit suicide, hit rock bottom, and plunge himself into a financial hole.

You should realize that you yourself can be addicted (gambling addiction). To do this, take a test on the non GamStop gamble website without verification or another gambling portal. It can be found in the Responsible Gaming section. People suffering from this disease most often:

  • Spend too much time gambling at non GamStop casinos without realizing it;
  • Constantly thinking about gambling;
  • An irresistible urge to bet again, wherever they are;
  • All available money is spent on gambling and spending is constantly increasing;
  • Irritability, aggression can be observed;
  • Loss of contact with society;
  • The person tries to get back the lost money, takes out loans without calculating the financial burden;
  • The addict often deceives those around him;
  • When relatives try to restrict gambling, appeal to the truth, the person bursts into a scream, insults others and ignores the existence of a serious problem.

Family members often stop struggling with a gambling addict after making countless attempts to have a conversation with the family member. Only psychologists know how to properly combat gambling addiction. Qualified help is provided free of charge by specialized organizations. For successful treatment, it is important that the patient acknowledges the problem and is willing to undergo therapy.

Stages of Gambling Addiction at Non GamStop Casinos

The symptoms of gambling addiction can be noticed right from the start of the illness. Psychologists say that every addict goes through three stages:

1. Win. You discover the world of gambling, choose a non GamStop casino with a minimum deposit, deposit money and receive prizes. He manages to get positive for a short distance. It would seem that it is possible to make money without making any effort. Emotional buoyancy motivates active betting.

2. Losses. A minimum deposit of 10 EUR is no longer enough as he/she will suffer losses over a long distance. As a result, he mobilizes additional funds, takes out loans, borrows money from relatives and colleagues, and invents higher power situations. However, additional money does not save the situation. The bank accounts are gradually emptied and no money is made.

3. Frustration. The person feels like a failure. At the same time, he does not realize his own mistakes as he continues to bet on online casinos. Blames the gambling club administration, the weather, colleagues, relatives, etc. They try to cooperate with new brands, take a bonus on the first deposit, experiment with roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, slot machines, run the content with real money and try to get back the amount invested. However, such actions are pointless and lead to frustration, bitterness and aggression.

People suffering from addiction at non GamStop casinos do not know how to free themselves from their addiction because they usually do not acknowledge the problem. Betting in online casinos for high rollers allows them to realize themselves and feel the rush of adrenaline. It is difficult to give up these benefits and the help of third parties is required.

The Rules of Responsible Gaming at Non GamStop Casinos

The measures are quite extensive. The basic principles of responsible casino gaming include:

1. Gambling portals only offer access to gambling to adult visitors. The minimum age in Germany is 21 years.

2. Games of chance are for entertainment like chess, bowling, golf, tennis. It is forbidden to treat them as a means of secondary or main income.

3. Participants must be prepared for any outcome of the meeting.

4. Legal classic and mobile casinos do not guarantee prizes. Payable combinations are formed randomly.

5. A gambling website must set limits on deposits, losses, the size of bets and the length of daily gaming sessions.

6. It is forbidden to visit a certified German casino if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or toxic substances.

7. Before playing for money, you should set limits on e-wallets and credit cards. How to avoid unnecessary expenses if you lose.

8. It is not worth trying to recoup the money you have spent by placing additional bets.

9. Only play with your own money. You should not take out loans or borrow large sums from colleagues or relatives.

10. It is important that you control your emotions. Euphoria over big wins and anger over losses lead to rash actions that can lead to a debt trap.

The principles of responsible gambling are consistent with the rules of money management. For the non GamStop casino with instant withdrawal, up to 10% of the deposit should be available. The size of the bets should be 1-3% of the bankroll. It is important to have a strategy and a clear plan: this will help avoid the influence of emotions and reduce costs.

How Honest Land-Based Casinos Fight Gambling Addiction

The gambling clubs also adhere to the rules of “Responsible Gaming”. Combating gambling addiction in casinos looks like this:

1. They check the age of visitors to land-based facilities. Before entry, each person shows their passport.

2. Control visitor spending. If someone frequently visits a casino and spends large sums of money, the employees will start talking. They remind customers how dangerous gambling addiction is, offer help and provide addresses of specialist clinics.

3. Information for players. When visiting a land-based casino for the first time, the customer is familiarized with the guidelines and regulations, is warned about high financial risks and then signs the relevant document.

4. Ensuring security. Proven German casinos with a regional license guarantee customer protection.

5. Self-exclusion. Players or their relatives can request a ban from gambling establishments. The person will be included in a special list, and the administration will subsequently not allow him to bet with real money.

A land-based casino without a license from the German regulatory authority is not allowed to operate in Berlin or any other city in Germany. It is difficult to get approval. It is important to comply with local laws, otherwise the certificate will be revoked and there will be a number of obstacles to getting it back.

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