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Super Bowl Standings – The Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots


Regardless of your favorite team, the Super Bowl is a big deal in sports. Each year, a select group of football players compete for the title of best team in the world. This year’s Super Bowl will be played between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Whether you’re a fan of the Steelers or not, you probably have some questions about their playoff odds. As an NFL fan, you’ve probably already heard about the team’s great history and its current playoff position. However, you probably don’t know how many Super Bowl victories they’ve won or how many playoff appearances they’ve made.

The Steelers have won six Super Bowl Standings rings and they’ve also made 33 playoff appearances. As a result, they’re tied with the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers for most Super Bowl wins in NFL history.

In addition to their Super Bowl wins, the Steelers have also made several other playoff appearances, including four straight playoff appearances in the early 1990s. They were also a legitimate divisional championship contender from 1957 to 1963.

The Steel Curtain defense has been excellent so far. They have held opponents to under 200 points in four of their first six games. Their biggest challenge may come in the NFC North, which is full of teams trying to find relevancy.

San Francisco 49ers

Despite a disappointing 4-4 record, the San Francisco 49ers are still a serious Super Bowl contender. The 49ers have been in the Super Bowl five times in seven attempts. In addition, they have defeated the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams.

The 49ers have had a lot of great teams over the years, and a lot of superstars. Two of the most iconic quarterbacks of the NFL have played for the 49ers. Joe Montana and Steve Young.

San Francisco has won five Super Bowls. They have won the Super Bowl in five of their seven attempts. However, the team hasn’t won the Lomardi trophy since the mid 90s. It’s time for the team to bring back some reinforcements.

After losing four games in a row, the 49ers bounced back with a win in Week 8. The 49ers beat the Los Angeles Rams 31-14. They also beat the Seattle Seahawks earlier this season.

In their next NFC West matchup, the 49ers will face the Arizona Cardinals on November 21. If the team wins, they will have a lot to play for in the divisional race.

Buffalo Bills

Currently, the Buffalo Bills hold the top spot in the AFC East. But, are they the favorite to win the conference?

The Bills have lost only one game this season by more than seven points, but they haven’t beaten a team by more than seven points in four games. This is the longest streak in major professional sports.

The Bills had the worst overall record in the NFL in 1971. But, they’ve made playoffs every year since. They’ve gone 10-6 in 2005, but they lost in the AFC Championship game to the Kansas City Chiefs. They’ve also won three straight games to start the 2011 season.

The Bills are a 9-point favorite against the Detroit Lions. But, they hold a 37 percent chance to win the conference. Considering the talent on their roster, they should beat the Chiefs in January.

But, the Bills have been awful in close games. They’ve gone 2-8 in the last eight games.

New England Patriots

Despite their 4-4 record, the New England Patriots are still pesky in the AFC playoff picture. They have a better than 50 percent chance to make the playoffs and a better than 50 percent chance to win the division. However, they haven’t been lighting up teams, and they need to win at least two games in the division to steal a spot.

The Patriots have played in 27 playoff games over 57 seasons. In that span, they have appeared in the Super Bowl 11 times. They’ve also won five division championships. However, they’ve failed to qualify for the first round in 10 of those seasons.

During the Brady-Belichick era, they’ve won five conference championships and tied the Steelers’ record of six Lombardi Trophies. They’ve made 11 Super Bowl appearances, which is tied for the most among all teams.

In 2004, the Patriots won the AFC championship game at Heinz Field. They also set the record for consecutive wins at 21 games. They also won Super Bowl XXXIX against Philadelphia.

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