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Should You Move Your Appliances Overseas?


Moving overseas can be a stressful process, and the decision to take or sell your belongings only makes it that much harder. Appliances are one of the things that can make this process tricky.

On the one hand, you probably spent a lot of time picking out your fridge or washing machine, love the way it works, and want to keep it. On the other hand, appliances are incredibly heavy, large, and are one of the most expensive things to move.

Below are some things to consider when making your throw-or-keep decisions.

Outlets and Voltage

This one fully depends on the specifics of your new home. Every country has different electrical outlets and plugs, as well as different voltages. Electrical outlets in the USA are different to those in the UK, which are different to those in Africa – and all of them are different to Australia’s.

While you can get an adaptor for smaller appliances, high-powered items like fridges can often require a very specific adaptor with a high voltage. This can be an expensive process if you need one for every appliance you own.

Similarly, voltages vary all across the world, and your new country of residence may not have the same voltage as Australia. If you were to plug your appliance into a different voltage, this could fry the item, making it completely unusable.


Appliances are meant to last a long time, which is why their warranty is so important. However, by moving your item to a foriegn country you may void your warranty accidentally. This would obviously majorly downgrade the value of your belonging.

However, this can sometimes be easily avoidable. Contact the manufacturer or the seller of your item and ask them if they have an overseas branch. You may be able to transfer your warranty to that country.

Size and Purpose

The reality of moving to a new country is that your belongings may not fit in with your new surroundings. Similarly, you may find that your appliances do not suit or do not fit your new home.

For example, your double fridge may not fit into a galley kitchen in London. Your extra large oven may not fit into a tiny Japanese apartment. Similarly, a portable heater, which is essential in uninsulated Australian homes, may be completely wasted in heated homes in Europe and Canada.

Essentially, your new home will come with a new set of requirements, dimensions, and needs. Your Australian appliances may not fit into your new life. If you are really keen on moving your appliances though, at least make sure to measure and research accordingly to avoid any expensive mix-ups.


Before making any rash decisions, your first step should be to get a comprehensive quote from trusted international removalists. Find an international removals that does in-home assessments and quotes as they will be able to examine your possessions and give you an idea of costs. You can then decide if this fits into your budget or not.

Having an international removalist view your belongings in person will also be good as you can ask them specific questions. Removalists who are experienced and well-versed in the process will have a good idea of what will be worth taking to your new home.

Similarly, do you research to see how much appliances cost in your new country. This will allow you to tally up the costs of taking versus replacing your furniture, and enable you to make an informed decision.

Consider Your Time Frame

Depending on where you move you could be waiting a very long time for your appliances. This is fine if you are staying in some temporary accommodation while you get settled. However, if you are moving straight into a new home that needs to be furnished, this could prove difficult.

The lack of essentials like a fridge could prove unmanageable. While it can take a while whether you buy it in your new country anyway, it would be good to assess the difference between them. With appliances it can be more of a speed game than a quality one.

Appliances: Take or Leave?

Whether you are moving to the UK, New Zealand, or somewhere in between, you will have to decide whether or not your appliances are worth taking with you.

Appliances are expensive investments, but moving them overseas can reduce their value considerably. At the same time it may be the most feasible option for you and your family as the cost of replacing all of your appliances with new ones may be out of budget.

Speaking to your international removalists about costs and the process will help you make this decision in an effective and informed manner.

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