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Pawn Shops – What Types Of Items Do Pawn Shops LOVE To Take?


Pawnshops are known for buying anything that is of equal or greater value than what you are pawning, so it’s no surprise that the most common items found in pawn shops are jewelry and electronics. But what about items like flat-screen TVs? And laptops, games consoles? The list of the most common items at any given pawn shop is never clear-cut.


Here’s a quick breakdown of some things you might find on offer at your local pawn shop:

Jewelry: What could be more precious to a person than their very own wedding ring? Jewelry is often given as a gift as well as purchased. In terms of worth, jewelry can range from mere cents to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Electronics: Those flat-screen TVs you see populating pawn shops are probably one of the most commonly seen items on offer. They often come free with a new cell phone. In fact, they’re sometimes even provided as incentives for customers to sign up for a new service plan at a specific cell phone store. Other electronics might include video game consoles and video games, DVD players, MP3 players, digital cameras, and more.

Artwork: Artwork is much like jewelry in that it can be incredibly expensive but is most commonly used as collateral to avoid paying an astronomical amount of interest on an item like a car or boat that costs tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Jewelry is one of the most common items that will be seen on offer at a pawn shop for several reasons. It’s small, easily transportable and there’s a lot of it out on the market. It also holds some value no matter how small, making it relatively easy to sell in almost any condition.

Jewelry is often very sentimental in nature. Getting rid of family heirlooms can be difficult, but sometimes pawning them can avoid even more hardship and potentially save the family home from foreclosure. Pawn Shops are also a place where people can sell things, they don’t have the time or patience to maintain any longer. When it comes to buying an item of jewelry, many people feel they would rather save time and money than start their search all over again.

The best way to get your hands on jewelry is by finding someone who really needs it, like a collector looking for a specific piece. Just like any other item that requires an appraisal, though, you’ll want to approach this with caution and make sure you can afford the price being asked for it.


The easiest way for a pawn shop to determine the worth of an item is by using a third-party company. Pawn Shops work with these companies because they are vetted and have a proven track record. Granted, this will cost you, but it is your best bet at the end of the day.

The companies will come up with an estimated value based on their own research, which can sometimes include information like the age of items, style, and date of production (as in an antique). This method isn’t perfect though. There are many factors that can drastically impact an item’s resale value – such as imperfections, wear, and tear, manufacturer defects or even things that might not be found on the item’s serial numbers.

Still, this is the most reliable way to determine the value of Pawn Jewelry In Tampa before you decide whether to make an offer at a specific pawn shop.


What you can make by selling your product is entirely dependent on its value. There are also a lot of factors that can come into play when determining what you’ll be able to buy with the money received from selling it, including the interest rate and length of time for which you want to borrow money.

One rule of thumb for pawn shops is usually: The more valuable the item, the more money you’ll receive. For example, Pawn Jewelry In Tampa fetches the most money as per its weight and authenticity.


Many people make the mistake of selling their things to pawn shops for more than what they actually are worth. This is known as overvaluing an item and can be very costly in terms of both time and money. Of course, there are items where this doesn’t work out so well either.

The most common mistake people make when pawning an item is just leaving it on the table – that’s a sure way to get a lower offer from a company. It goes without saying that selling personal possessions at a pawn shop is a risk – after all, it’s not always the sort of thing you can return for cash if it goes wrong. However, for those with nowhere else to turn and an item that holds value but needs some help holding on to it, pawnshops might be just what they need.

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