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McKamey Manor – Extreme Traumatism made People ask How is Mckamey Manor Legal?


Ever since you have been hearing about the horror haunted house stories or watching movies like Insidious, you may have been thinking that these are premade houses that people use for filming, videos, and making movies.  But have you ever thought these tortures, traumas, fatal creatures, and the scariest experiences are actually felt by people in some places?

If not, then you must not have heard about Mckamey Manor. The trauma and the distress the place has created in participants’ lives have forced the critics to say how is Mckamey Manor legal?

It would be too less to state the condition with the word trauma or distress. People rather say that nobody has ever escaped from the place as the participants have to sign a 40-page waiver giving the authority to the Mckamey management to do the nastiest things of all time.

There have been stories that there are rooms in McKamey Manor with coffins filled with snakes and spiders where people are forcibly kept inside for hours.

Several creepiest things have happened there that it was named the world’s most extreme haunted house by the well-known outlets including Tech Times, The Travel Channel, and New York Daily News.

It gets horrifying with every step

Pictures and videos uploaded on the Mckamey website show horrified and heartbreaking scenes with terrified participants gagged and bound with chains and handcuffs, covered in mud and even substances that seem like blood. It can also be seen through the footage that people are begging to leave and crying for help while the actors managing the horror show are screaming on their faces like some sort of villains.

Some sob and shriek as hundreds of cockroaches and worms crawl over their bodies and are forced to drink filthy water and sometimes vomits. Others plead to take them out as it seems that they are buried alive or about to be drowned.

Once McKamey said, ‘I am a pure entertainer’. He’s been a wedding DJ, a singer, and also an actor in various movies and plays. Mckamey actually enjoys making props and creating sets.

“It’s fascinating to be able to build this world and see it come to life where people actually believe it,” he said. “That’s something powerful.”

Mckamey has been owning and running Mckamey Manor from 1989 in one form to another and the next form of the haunted house always brings awful surprises to the participants.

A deep new McKamey iteration is ‘survival’, which is a 36-hour long haunt which only allows one participant in the house.

It is planted at his own property in Summertown, which is 45 minutes north of the Alabama line. Participants follow a woman named Holly to reach the destination after a physical test.

It is horribly impossible to make it through survival as nobody has ever made it through. However, McKamey manor says that if the subject makes it through it, he or she should be ready to have the next 3 hours with him at an undisclosed location.

He reportedly said that “you have to spend three hours with me,” he said, where the horror is “mainly psychological. This is where I’m going to really mess with your head. That’s where it gets really tricky.”

It turns your nightmare into reality

Summertown neighbors have been complaining about the chainsaw and screaming noises, and other continuous dins coming through the place.

One of the neighbors, Ellison says in an interview that she couldn’t sleep after she got to know about the torture which is going around inside the house.

She added that she saw a woman chained around her neck had been dragged behind the truck and she was unable to move, it felt like she’s been suffering the trauma for ages.

McKamey reacted to the controversy as it was a part of one of his films and the person being dragged was a male actor stimulating the action like he’s been dragged.

 It’s even amusing to see people’s reactions knowing how traumatizing the experience can be for them (which is extremely fun to him) and more than 24,000 people are still waiting to get listed in the program as he says the survivor will receive $20,000 once they make it through.

Is he doing it all as a business?

Mckamey Manor has not been designed to do business that is why Mckamey is not constricted by business rules or zoning ordinances. Participants have to sign a waiver permitting them to be tortured or what he says to spend entertaining time inside the Mckamey Manor while they don’t have to pay anything to spend a good 36-hours ordeal.

Earlier in California, he usually asked people coming to Mckamey Manor to donate dog food that he used to give to the animals at the house. Now he only wants for monetary donation for chauffeuring participants from Summertown to Huntsville to Nashville back and forth (which usually isn’t required) and for covering gas costs.

“I’m a crappy businessman because I could be making a million dollars on this,” he said.

People running the Mckamey Manor along with the owner have been under a lot of controversies since the haunted house became the place of attraction. It is also being heard that the participants who couldn’t make it through the house are forced and threatened to remain quiet on any forum online about the terrifying experience.

It’s nothing but a thrilling experience

Mckamey signifies Mckamey Manor compared to the other haunt programs that he says are sexualized horror and he’s against them. The 8 or 36-hour haunt program keeps everything PG-13.

Until the date, not a single participant had made it through $20,000 although nobody had been raped or sexually victimized in these years. They are just not allowed to sleep but have to eat, drink, and feel the fun inside Summertown at Holly’s portion.

He’s even receiving foreign customers; a girl came four times from Kuwait to have the nastiest experience all over again. It’s another thing that she couldn’t make it all of the time she came.

He says people lose their minds when they experience terror. He admits that he uses hypnotism to help people let go of their weaknesses and face their fears.

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