BusinessMaintainance guide of electric humidor

Maintainance guide of electric humidor


After many use of simple humidors, electric humidors are introduced in the market. Customers like it, and currently, using an electric humidor is an ideal choice for cigar lovers. If you have an electric humidor for yourself and think of purchasing it, this article will surely help you. 

Purchasing an electric humidor is not difficult as you can buy its attractive design from anywhere according to your budget. Some people complain that our humidors are stopped working. That’s because of your negligence in cleanness and maintenance. 

Do we need to maintain our electric humidors?

After purchasing an electric humidor, it is a crucial step to maintain your electric cigar humidor perfectly. If you ignore its maintenance, then it’ll give you bad results. Several guides are available on the internet to help you maintain your electric humidor by yourself. I will also tell you about the few steps to follow for setting a humidor. 

  • Read instructions

Without having enough knowledge, you cannot maintain your electric humidors. Therefore, you should read the instruction book thoroughly and search the internet for more details. 

  • Start maintaining

After understanding the complete guide, it’s time to start setting your electric humidor. First, take a bowl of distilled water with a sponge and start cleaning it inside and outside. Also, place some distilled water liquid inside your humidor. Close it for maintenance between the range between 60 and 70. After the maintenance is perfectly done, put your cigars in it and enjoy a stylish life. This is the simple procedure to maintain your humidor. If you have some more refined version of the electric humidor, you can also contact the company’s website and read different articles and an instruction book.  

Do I need to service my electric humidor?

After maintaining at once, you don’t need to worry about its services daily because electric humidors have an automatic system to keep your cigars safe and fresh for a long time. The electric humidor has an optimal protection level with a properly maintained temperature that prevents your cigars from damaging. Try to check your electric humidor’s maintenance at least twice a month by investing the following steps;

Steps to service your humidor

If your humidor works perfectly with the desired speed and temperature, then this guide will surely help you. 

  • Check water level

Distilled water in an electric humidor is an important step that improves its working. You need to put distilled water in it at least two times a month. 

  • Avoid from sunlight

Place your electric cigar humidor where there is no sunlight comes. An electric humidor can control the temperature automatically. Much heat can also cause space fluctuation with a lot of chance of cigars damage. 

  • Soundproof working

Ensure that your electric humidor would not be vibrating; otherwise, it is the sign of many loads and heats up. That can be damaged both your cigars and humidors. 

The final thoughts

That’s all about this reading. I hope you enjoyed it and am happy to learn much about electric humidors, their maintenance, and service. Also, we discussed the way to use it for years by service. 

Keep remember your budget and size of the electric humidor before purchasing; otherwise, it can be useless for you. Also, selecting a trendy design may give your cigar humidor’s location table a compelling look. So, why are you standing here? Go and purchase your favorite cigar humidor and maintain it for proper use.

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