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6 Ways You Can Use Technology To Upgrade Your Self Storage Business


On the surface, it may seem like the self-storage industry is not one you’d typically consider technologically adept. After all, warehousing and storage appear pretty straightforward. But almost every sector has incorporated technology in its operations, and self-storage businesses are no different.

It’s a common misconception that all you need to run a successful self-storage company is a few empty buildings, plenty of space, locks, and electricity. However, it’s a business like any other and requires several additional resources like marketing, maintenance, management, etc. Embracing technology can help company owners run all these operations more efficiently by improving productivity and generating better revenue.

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your self-storage business, becoming tech-savvy is not enough to stay competitive; the quickest way to achieve this is by hiring an IT support expert. Advancing technology will not only keep your company’s growth from becoming stagnant, but it will also help in raising profits to new heights. Here are six ways to use technology to revamp your self-storage business.

1. Marketing opportunities

Any business’s success largely depends on its marketing strategies. Most companies set aside a significant chunk of their investment to reach the right market. But spending money on billboards and email lists hoping a customer views them is not the most intelligent approach. Instead, using technology can help you capture market data and advertise to a more targeted audience. Social media platforms have made it easy for business owners to contact prospective clients, learn their behaviors, gather feedback, and customize messages based on their research.

Online self storage marketing strategies are highly beneficial for businesses that rely on regular clientele to earn revenue and keep operations running. Besides connecting you to new customers, this approach can entertain issues of existing clients and improve services based on real-time feedback.

2. Mobile apps

Millennials and Gen Z are so heavily dependent on technology that they crave it in nearly every aspect of their lives. A few self storage businesses were able to gain a competitive edge by offering their customers online services through mobile apps. These apps allow clients to rent, control access, view, and manage storage units at their fingertips with just a few taps.

Customers value time and convenience over anything else. They want easy access whenever and wherever, and there is nothing better than mobile applications that can provide this facility. So, to keep your company afloat in the upcoming years, consider investing in building an app or responsive mobile website that keeps your customers happy and satisfied.

3. Biometrics

A good and reliable security system is the core feature of a self storage business. People pay and trust you to keep their belongings safe without worrying about loss or damage. And therefore, you must have strong security measures in place that are practically impossible to breach. One such technology is biometrics which includes unique characteristics like retinas, fingerprints, or voice patterns. This security measure restricts access to only a specific customer whose identification is scanned and matched with their particular storage unit.

Introducing biometrics systems to self storage units eases customers’ hesitation when renting space to store their possessions. While locks or passcodes can easily be broken or hacked, only the customer can use biometrics to access their unit.

4. Robotics and automation

With new advancements and innovations introduced each day, several industries globally are leveraging robotics and automation in their daily operations. Robots and automated systems are now replacing several mundane or heavy tasks humans typically did. Even self storage businesses have started integrating this technology to boost productivity and reduce the workforce.

The recent introduction of autonomous cars in the storage sector has made it possible to move heavy and bulky stuff from one place to another in a hassle-free manner. Besides customers, this innovation is also convenient for business owners and operation managers.

5. Flexible payment options

In this digital era, very few people prefer making transactions with cash. Therefore, you must upgrade your self storage business’s fee options to include the latest payment methods convenient for your customers. These can include credit or debit cards with NFC technology, mobile payments, electronic bank transfers, and digital wallets. The more options you offer, the better convenience you provide your clients who can quickly transfer the owed amount and settle dues.

Incorporating technology to build a well-organized payment system keeps you and your customers on the same page regarding pending invoices and due dates. It also helps you maintain a digital record of all your transactions that can aid you during audits and tax calculations.

6. Self-storage management software

Several self storage businesses rely on management software for the smooth running of their operations. But now, advancing technology offers cloud-based software that can update every business aspect while automating routine tasks. These programs save time and money, provide insights on market and financial trends, and act as a control center for the processes within a company. This automation drives productivity and can help you set short- and long-term goals for your business.


Times are changing, and if you want to keep growing, you must keep adapting right along with it. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your self-storage business, integration of advancing technological tools should be at the forefront. Several things like restrategizing your marketing campaigns, building stronger security systems, or automating your operations can help you boost productivity and attain ROI-driven results within no time.

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