HealthIs it Time to Consider Assisted Living?

Is it Time to Consider Assisted Living?


Although you or your loved ones may hope to stay independent forever, this is not always the safest or most fulfilling option. However, assisted living could be a good alternative to a nursing home for those who want to retain more independence and are in a position to do so. It means you or your loved ones can enjoy the freedom they’re used to, along with a little extra care and attention.

Acknowledging you or someone you love needs extra support and care can be an extremely difficult and emotional process; still, take a look at the following warning signs that suggest it might to time to consider a change. Senior citizens deserve to live with dignity, safely, and in an environment where they can thrive and make new happy memories, but that doesn’t mean considering assisted living is not a decision that can be taken lightly. In any case, these key factors may help you decide if now’s the right time.

Health Problems

If there is concern about declining health, whether it’s taking you or your loved one longer to recover from illnesses, or the beginnings of chronic health problems, assisted living could help. Access to skilled medical professionals specializing in senior healthcare could greatly improve recovery time and quality of life. If you’re struggling to make the decision based on health problems, consider discussing the matter with a doctor.

Changes in Ability to Complete Daily Activities

If you’re noticing changes in your or your loved one’s ability to complete regular daily activities, this is a sign that assisted living may be necessary. Look out for simple but significant changes, such as being unable to manage medication.

Having a hard time keeping on top of household chores, struggling to prepare nutritious meals, and finding it challenging to keep on top of personal hygiene are also signs to look out for, as these can all have large implications on someone’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Also suffering from urinary incontinence in elderly people who have trouble moving could also be a good indicator that it is the right time for assisted living so that the caretaker can help facilitate their daily needs.

Mobility Issues

Common mobility issues include trouble walking, difficulty going up and down stairs, getting to the toilet independently, or problems getting into a bath or shower. There is no one size fits all, and if the problem is not severe making changes to the home could ensure you or your loved ones’ safety. However, making large alterations, such as adding stairlifts to a home, can be costly and time-consuming, so this option may not always be viable for some people.

Feelings of Loneliness or Isolation

Even if you or your loved one are perfectly capable of all of the above, it doesn’t mean all is well. Feelings of loneliness and isolation are severe mental and emotional problems that many elderly people unfortunately suffer, which can pose just as much of a problem as physical issues and limitations.

For a better, more sociable lifestyle, seniors can consider an assisted living facility. These kinds of specialized complexes offer community, fun, and accessible activities – as well as a helping hand and friendly face whenever you need one without impeding your independence. So, if you or your loved ones have been experiencing low moods or feelings of loneliness and isolation, it could be the perfect time to make a change.

Final Thoughts

Every situation is different, and deciding to make a move to assisted living is a big decision that requires careful consideration. If it’s something you’re considering, think about your future needs as well as current needs. Aim to anticipate how the support necessary right now might change to ensure the correct level of care is provided and future-proofed – whether that’s at home or not.

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