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Is Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy The Best Fit For You?


In India, you have to have Third-party car insurance. But if you only get this insurance plan, you need to remember that it doesn’t cover damage to the policyholder’s person. Comprehensive car insurance is an all-in-one policy that covers damage and loss caused by both the insured person and a third party. One might wonder if this is the best auto insurance policy to buy. Here are some features and benefits of comprehensive Cheap Car Insurance in California that might help you make a good choice.

What’s Included in Full Car Insurance

• Protects the insured in case of an accident

• Gives an excuse to steal

• Protects the car from fire or explosion

• Floods, earthquakes, and cyclones are all-natural disasters that can damage a car. This policy pays for these kinds of damages

• This policy covers not only damage to your property but also damage to other people or their property.

• If riots or strikes cause damage to an insured car, the damage will be paid for by comprehensive insurance.

• Covers damage caused by terrorist activities

Advantages of Comprehensive Insurance

  1. You are protected from bad weather

With the weather becoming increasingly unpredictable, it helps to have a complete car insurance plan. For example, during the monsoons in Mumbai, it only takes a few hours of rain for the whole city to flood. Your car will get damaged by the floods.

Comprehensive insurance will come in handy at this time because it protects your car from floods, storms, and other weather disasters like earthquakes and landslides.

  1. Coverage for damage to other people

The primary purpose of the comprehensive policy is to protect the car that is being insured, but it also protects people and property that are not insured.

  1. Personal Accident Cover

Personal accident coverage is part of the full policy. Coverage for car insurance was changed from Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs. Concerning the policy terms and circumstances, if the policyholder gets into an accident, the insurance company will pay for their medical bills up to Rs.15 lakhs.

  1. Additional Covers 

Policyholders can add extra “riders” to their standard auto insurance policy to make it cover more. You can get each add-on by paying an additional premium. Some of the things that can be added are –

• Roadside assistance cover

• Return to the bill

• Keeping the engine safe

• Zero depreciation

What makes comprehensive car insurance different from other types?

Comprehensive car insurance covers damage or loss to other people’s cars and damage or loss to the policyholder’s cars. But the loss of passengers or their getting hurt is not covered.

How much the policyholder gets in compensation depends on:

• The car’s the fair market value at the time of the damage or loss

• The agreed-upon value in the policy

• Anything that costs the least

Who Should Buy Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Even though there are a few good reasons to buy this policy, one might wonder if it’s the best one for them. Here are some tips about who can accept this policy and who it is best for.

  1. Owners of new cars

It’s a big deal for many people to get a new car. This insurance policy is the best way to ensure that the new vehicle is fully covered since it covers damages to you and others.

  1. People with luxury cars

Repair costs for luxury cars are high because every part of the car is pricey. In an accident, having comprehensive insurance can save you some money.

  1. Urban Residents

People who live in cities face an increased risk of injury due to vehicular traffic. It would be wise for them to buy this policy to protect themselves from things they can’t plan for.

  1. Responsible Citizens

As a citizen of this country, you have to have insurance for third parties, but you also have to take care of your own money. Comprehensive insurance is a good deal because it covers both parties under one policy. A responsible person would choose this type of insurance.

How do I claim something?

If your insurance covers significant damage, there are two types of claims you can make:

Own damage Claim

Upon filing a claim for damage caused by an accident covered by your policy, your NCD (Non-Claim Discount) will return to 0%.

No-Fault Own-Damage Claim

It is also a claim on your insurance plan, but it doesn’t affect your NCD because it applied when your car’s accident wasn’t your fault.


On the website of the insurance company of your choice, you can buy insurance that covers everything. Remember that this policy is not required, but having one is a good idea. Based on what’s been said, make a good decision.

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