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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida


Many states have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, but not all. Florida only allows marijuana for medical use.

To use marijuana for medical purposes in Florida, you need a medical marijuana card. Obtaining one is a fairly straightforward process so long as you know how it works.

Here are the steps you need to follow to make the process go smoothly.

1. Check Your Eligibility

You need to qualify for medical marijuana. Not all conditions qualify you for one. Without proper documentation that you have a reason for using marijuana, you might run into issues.

Eligible conditions vary from state to state, so check with the local legislation. Just because you qualify for a medical marijuana card in Georgia doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get one in Florida.

Legal issues will become complicated if you are a temporary resident of Florida. Keep in mind that you can’t travel with marijuana across state lines.

Check out this list from Marijuana and the Law for an overview of qualifying conditions by state. Regulations change frequently, so stay up to date.

2. Schedule an Appointment 

Once you have the proper documentation ready, schedule an appointment with a doctor who is licensed to prescribe marijuana. Your home physician probably isn’t.

You’ll have an initial consultation with the doctor. Don’t be nervous. They are there to help and are experts in the field.

If you have any concerns about using marijuana, bring it up at this meeting. Your doctor is familiar with the potential side effects and risks of taking marijuana.

Make sure to tell them about any other medications you’re taking or medical issues. If you’ve never used marijuana before, you might want to schedule a follow-up to ensure everything goes smoothly.

There are centers around the state that specialize in marijuana licensing. Look up one close to you and within your budget.

Be aware that most meetings won’t necessarily be covered by your insurance plan, so you’ll have to have some cash handy.

Once you’ve had an appointment, apply for the card. 

3. Get Approved

There is a $75 application fee. You can fill out the application online.

Your doctor will give you a number and enter you into Florida’s medical marijuana registry. Use this number to fill out the form.

This process could take anywhere from two to three weeks. Don’t be frustrated if it takes longer. Sometimes the system gets backed up.

If things take longer or if your application isn’t approved, get in touch with your doctor to see what happened. You can re-apply.

 It will take longer to receive your physical card in the mail. This could take several months.

There’s no reason to wait until the physical card comes to buy marijuana. Print out the card you receive in the email.

4. Buy From a Dispensary

Having a medical marijuana card does not give you permission to grow your own marijuana. Growing your own marijuana is illegal and could result in your license being taken away.

You have to buy marijuana from a licensed dispensary. Buying from other sources could result in legal problems.

Dispensaries are also highly controlled and tested. There’s no need to worry about contamination or quality problems.

Here is a list from Veriheal of approved dispensaries in the state. You can buy as much as you want so long as it is within the limits you’re approved for.

5. Renew Your Card

Your registration will be valid for 210 days. You will have to check back in with your doctor after this time. This appointment needs to be face to face.

The medical marijuana card is valid for 12 months after the initial date, so make sure you schedule an appointment before it expires.

The card is different from the registration. You need to renew both.

You will need to pay the $75 again. It’s suggested that you schedule the renewal at least a month before your card expires. Otherwise, you won’t be able to buy marijuana until it’s renewed.


Legislation and marijuana are constantly evolving. This information might not be accurate in another year, so make sure to stay on top of the most recent regulations. For now, you should be safe so long as you follow these simple steps.

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