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Is It a Good Idea to Move Your LTO Database to the Cloud?


If you currently have an LTO database to back up all your files, you might be wondering whether it’s potentially a good idea to move that database into the cloud. After all, having your data on a physical object can be pretty concerning, as anything that damages that physical object can end up damaging your data as a whole. Here are four questions you should ask yourself if you’re thinking about LTO replacement with a cloud backup.

1. How Much Existing Data Do You Have?

The amount of data that you currently have on LTO tapes is going to impact whether or not you’re able to easily move your LTO database to the cloud. If you only have 1,000 GB, or 1 TB, the process of moving that into the cloud is fairly simple. If you have 50,000 GB or 50 TB, it may take a bit more time, energy, and effort to move that into the cloud. Both are possible, especially with large devices that can move almost 100 TB of data at once, but they’re important things to keep in mind.

2. How Much Data Are You Adding Every Year?

The more data that you add to your database every year, the better it will be for you to move your database to the cloud. Remember, when it comes to LTO backups, it’s not just about holding the data for long periods of time. You also need to regularly check your tapes for readability, which means the more data you’re adding to your database, the more time and energy you have to devote to your LTO files.

3. How Often Are You Retrieving Files?

File retrieval on physical LTO tapes is one of the most frustrating parts of the entire process. The more frequently you’re retrieving files, the more of a reason you may have to switch to an online database. If you’re retrieving files more than once every few months, you might benefit significantly from being able to do that just by logging into your account.

4. How Often Are You Migrating Your LTO Tapes?

In general, data stored on LTO tapes has to be migrated once every 10 years. That means every 10 years, you need to take the data on your tapes and move them to completely new tapes to avoid degrading the tapes themselves, blocking off access to the contents. However, the cloud doesn’t degrade that way. More frequent migration for LTO tapes is safer but more expensive, and you can save money by switching to the cloud.


Most cloud storage systems are more expensive than LTO tapes, which is why many companies are still using them. However, with modern technology, it’s become possible for many companies to actually save money by switching from LTO to the cloud. If you’re interested in moving to the cloud, it’s a good idea to look into these four questions so you can tell how much you’ll be able to save.

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