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Hemp Oil Is Right For You


The Sativa Can Save Your Life

Last year, I had back surgery from the T-1 to T-12 sections of my spine, which means that I am basically a bionic woman right now. When I left the hospital, I was given more drugs than I have ever been offered in my life. I was literally required to take Percocet, and other drugs that we find frequently in the news simply because so many people are overdosing on these pills. I decided to switch to hemp ( derived products instead, which I insisted upon and was able to get. Interestingly, this is the one area of life where people in America are actually not being racist towards African-Americans, and a quick history lesson will help us understand why.

The medical profession is a disgustingly racist area of life like everything else in the United States. In fact, many medical textbooks in the United States of America argue incorrectly that African-Americans and people of African descent do not feel physical pain as intensely as people of other races. In fact, it is still in many textbooks today and it is eugenicist garbage that has lasted from the seventeenth century, wherein medical textbooks were put together to justify the brutal treatment of African descended peoples under slavery in America. Several hundred years later, doctors are still ignoring black people in pain, and in fact, black women are far more likely to die in childbirth if their obstetrician and gynecological surgeons are white.

This racist garbage is the reason that the opioid epidemic we are currently experiencing in America is two things: 1. Being received as an actual epidemic (as opposed to the way crack cocaine was treated in the 1980s) and 2. Mostly limited to white people, because African-Americans are given less pills in the hospital once they have received surgical interventions in their lives. So interestingly, racism actually worked in African-Americans favor for once, simply because racism prevented black folks from actually experiencing interactions with these dangerous drugs that turned out to be incredibly addictive and contributed to the opioid epidemic.

Indica Indicates The Future

This entire conversation may seem counterintuitive, but this is why we have to look closely at American history when examining literally any subject. Therefore nowadays when we are using hemp-derived, we have to remember that these are alternative therapies we can use that keep us away from using these terrifying pills that have physically and mentally enslaved so many non-black people in America who have been offered painkillers when in the hospital. There is nothing wrong with trying an alternative therapeutic option, and if you value your life, you will find that it is entirely worth it to invest in hemp oil and hemp-derived products instead.

Ideally, you should be allowed to light up a joint and smoke marijuana wherever you would like to. However, we live in a world where smoking can be demonized by different groups of people. Even though cannabis is being legalized all over the world these days, not everywhere is advancing those legislations as quickly as the United States of America. In fact, one of our most famous female basketball players in America, Brittney Griner, was recently arrested in Russia for having THC oil in a vape pen in her luggage. Russian authorities immediately threw her in jail and they are now negotiating with American President Joe Biden for her safe return, simply because Russians are not open to the idea of marijuana being used in their nation-state legally.

Marijuana Makes More Sense For You

Does it make any sense that this was this African-American woman’s experience in a foreign country that is especially noted for hating America and Americans? Not really, because human beings will always find ways to enjoy escapist activities by using drugs and alcohol and other substances. People simply want to enjoy their lives and they find that using drugs and alcohol can help them escape the difficulties of day to day life. Many people in countries where marijuana is not accessible think that people who use marijuana are inferior or somehow wasting their brain power on these substances. But I will tell you my truth, and I invite you to learn more about marijuana before you make a decision about whether or not marijuana users are a good person.

Hemp oil literally helped me survive after my surgery, because I refused to continue to take Percocet and other terrifying drugs that have landed people into rehabilitation centers with drug addiction problems. Instead, I used my own marijuana, hemp oils and other cannabinoids and items that were able to alleviate my pain without exposing me to potentially addictive properties that could have had me simply addicted to horrible items while trying to feel less pain. As I cried in agony during my recovery, I found that replacing the deeply addictive pills with hemp and marijuana-based products absolutely saved my life.

The funniest part was the fact that my mother was responsible for helping me recover, and she found herself utterly scandalized at my insistence on using marijuana and hemp products instead of addictive pills that could have landed me in rehab in no time. I was honest with my doctor and told him that I was going to switch to hemp and marijuana instead of continuing to take those addictive pills, and guess what? He laughed hysterically and told me that I was wise to do so, and simply instructed me to stop taking Ibuprofen alongside my hemp products!

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