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DIY bathroom decoration


The small size of the bathroom does not mean that it is a little room in an apartment or house. Bathroom vanities online store New Bathroom Style recommended the decoration of the bathroom should be taken as seriously as possible – not forgetting either its aesthetic or its functional component in your bathroom.

Before you get to work

Before starting to repair a bathroom, you need to decide how the room will look like. You can find a suitable option cheap bathroom vanity of 36 inch bathroom vanity on the website newbathroomstyle.com and the development of a plan from a professional designer. As a last resort, you need to make a detailed sketch or sketch for the entire bathroom. It is necessary to carefully select the minor interior details elements of bathroom stores near me and their ergonomics and carefully consider technical solutions to implement the task. Such a room should be beautiful, comfortable, and functional in terms of bathroom maintenance in the future and modern vanity.

Preparatory work

Before you start finishing, you need to dismantle everything that has no place in the new interior: old tiles, paint, flooring, plumbing. If any of the above is planned to be saved, carry out the work as carefully as possible to not damage anything.

If the piping system and bathroom drainage are outdated, it is necessary to replace them with new materials and equipment. There are various pipes options: from plastic and multilayer corrugated pipes to insulated and metalized or sandwich pipes. If possible, it is necessary to provide for the laying of such communications directly in the cavities of the walls so as not to spoil the bathroom’s overall design.

Leveling and preparing surfaces

Walls, floor, and ceiling need leveling before finishing. For this, special cement, gypsum, or polymer mixtures are used. There are also a host of new materials available to perfectly level the surfaces of floors, walls, and ceilings. These include polystyrene foam sandwich panels with various fillers. They are moisture-resistant and can withstand significant loads. Tile, ceramic tiles, natural stone finishes, mirror surfaces, or other decorative materials can be laid directly on the surface of such panels.

As technology for arranging floors, you can choose the method of manufacturing self-leveling floors. It allows you to lay ideal floors but also equip them with heating systems (electric or water). To create such floors, careful surface preparation is required: cleaning from debris and dust, drying, and priming.

It is advisable to make the self-leveling mixture for the floor thinner, and then it will spread better. To lay it, you need to use a needle roller. Before pouring such a mixture onto the floor, beacons are installed in a level, and the entire surface is already leveled along with them. If the thickness of the required filling layer exceeds 5 cm, then it is better to use cement mixtures for the floor.

Painting or whitewashing

This is the cheapest option for finishing a bathroom, but it requires good quality wall and ceiling preparation. Their surface must be perfectly leveled and primed.

For painting, emulsions and whitewash on a latex or acrylic base are perfect – they are resistant to moisture, pollution, detergents. In addition, such walls can be easily repainted by updating the interior of the room.

Washable wallpaper

Washable wallpaper (vinyl or acrylic-based) is also a practical and inexpensive solution. Despite the moisture resistance, such wallpaper is best used on those walls that do not come into contact with pipes directly or above the sink and the bathroom itself, to avoid fogging and moisture.


Ceramic tiles or mosaics are by far the most common bathroom decoration materials.

There are several ways to install wall and floor tiles:

• In the seam. The tiles are placed “in the joint,” like the cells of a checkerboard field. This method is simple, but in the case of irregularities in the walls, floor, or ceiling, they will be very conspicuous.

• Diagonal. The tiles are also placed “in the joint,” but diagonally. With this installation, irregularities are perfectly masked, but consumption increases, and besides, it becomes necessary to cut all corner tiles.

• In a runaway. In this case, the arrangement of the tiles is similar to that of brickwork.

There are also methods for laying tiles in several colors – based on the three above

The use of mosaics gives even more scope for imagination but significantly increases the time costs since the size of a standard cell is usually 2×2 cm or 3×3 cm. Such decorative material is mainly glued to a grid measuring 30 cm by 30 cm. The main difficulty in laying it is that the mosaic will immediately show the slightest unevenness or bump on the wall. Because of this, the preparation of the surface for the mosaic is a more time-consuming and laborious process.


It is best to use porcelain stoneware as a floor covering in the bathroom – it does not slip even when wet, retains heat well, and can be used for underfloor heating. Unlike ceramic tiles, this material has deficient water absorption. For its installation, only adhesives with a high content of polymer components and with high adhesive characteristics are used.

It is not recommended to use laminate – even moisture resistant – as this material is not very practical in the bathroom. For floors, you can also use expanded polystyrene sandwich panels, which ideally level any surface.

Features of finishing work

All materials used for finishing and lining the bathroom must be resistant to high humidity and temperature.

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