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Best Times Of Year To Sell Your Luxury Watch


Luxury watches have a long history of being a symbol of status and success, as well as a way to keep track of the time. With their exquisite design, craftsmanship, and detail, they often make for an expensive investment. As such, many people may be interested in selling their luxury watch at some point in time. Knowing the best times of year to sell your luxury watch can help ensure that you get the most out of your sale.

What is the Best Time to sell Your Luxury Watch?

When it comes to determining the best times of year to sell a luxury watch, many factors must be taken into account. Generally speaking, The Watch Exchange London say the peak season for selling luxury watches is during the winter months from October through January. During this period, demand is typically high due to the holidays, which can lead to better prices for those wishing to sell their watch.

Also, there may also be higher traffic during these months due to more people out shopping for holiday gifts and taking advantage of post-holiday sales. 

Factors Should Be Considered

Market Trends

Important factor that should be considered when choosing when to sell your luxury watch is market trends. Watches with certain features or materials may become more sought after over time and therefore fetch higher prices on the open market.

For instance, vintage watches made with gold or silver can become popular among collectors if they are rare enough. By keeping track of these trends in advance and timing your sale accordingly, you may be able to capitalize on them for a higher return on investment.

General Economic Trends

It may also be beneficial to consider general economic trends when deciding when to sell your luxury watch as well. If economic conditions are strong then people are more likely to have expendable income and be willing to buy such expensive items like luxury watches.

On the other hand if economic conditions are weak then people tend not spend money on items like watches that are not essential needs and would rather wait until things improve financially before making such purchases again.

Personal Preference

Finally, its important take into account personal preferences when choosing when it’s best time for you personally to sell your luxury watch as well. Some sellers prefer doing so quickly after purchase while others may prefer waiting until they’re ready to upgrade or no longer need it anymore before letting it go – both can prove effective depending on one’s specific circumstances!

How Much Should I Expect to Get for My Pre-Owned Luxury Watch?

The amount you can expect to receive for your pre-owned luxury watch depends on a range of factors, including the condition of the watch and the specific model.

Generally, you should expect to get around 50-60% of its original purchase price. It is important to remember, however, that the market value of all watches — including luxury watches — fluctuates, so it is a good idea to research recent sales prices for similar models before making an offer.


Overall, understanding the best times of year to sell a luxury watch requires consideration of many different factors in order maximize return on investment potential and get the most out of one’s sale price range – ranging from seasonal changes in demand all way down personal tastes!

By carefully assessing each factor in advance and planning accordingly then you increase chances not only getting fair price but also ensuring that your transaction runs smoothly as possible!

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