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Cost of Solar: How to Determine the Cost of Installing Solar Panels


Green energy and decreased carbon footprints are the primary goals of homeowners across the United States of America, and investing in solar power installation is one of the most effective ways to make a difference. Solar panels produce three percent of the electricity in the U.S., which is expected to grow larger over the next decade.

Not only does solar power help the environment, but it also saves you money each month since you’re not reliant on large energy companies. The most significant barrier to entry with solar power is the cost of solar.

The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to learning more about the cost of solar with the best solar companies and the benefits solar panels provide. Keep reading to learn more today!

What Is the Cost of Solar?

The national average for a solar power installation at your home is $16,500. You should get a 6kW solar energy system for a 1,500-square-foot home to meet your energy demands. Expect to pay close to $3 per watt when working with the solar company for your energy needs.

You need to account for your home’s geographical location when diving into the cost of solar. The factors in your area could bring your solar costs down to $10,000 or raise them to $30,000. Your household’s energy usage and exposure to your house from the Sun will also affect how much the solar company charges you for your panels and installation.

It’s essential to remember that these prices don’t account for the incentives and rebates the government offers. You’ll get a hefty chunk of change when you file taxes if you purchase your home’s solar panels.

Here’s a closer look at the most significant factors that determine the cost of solar for your household.

Utility Costs and Energy Usage

Investing in a solar power installation aims to meet your household’s energy needs with sustainable energy options. It’s recommended that you track how much electricity your family uses each month to get a better feel for the number of solar panels you require.

Use your next electric bill to calculate how much electricity your family uses daily. The solar power install company will help determine how many solar panels you’ll need to meet your basic needs. You don’t want to get fewer solar panels than you’ll need when investing in renewable energy.

Rooftop Exposure

Your home’s rooftop also needs ample exposure to sunlight if you want to keep the costs down for your solar power installation. The solar panels will not collect enough sunlight if your home is in a valley or surrounded by tall trees. It’s best to have solar panels at an angle to capture as many rays from the Sun as possible.

The more sunlight your residential solar panels collect, the lower your electric bills get. The solar installation company will help you find the optimal spot to place your solar panels for energy collection.

Local Costs

It’s possible that your local and state government offers rebates and incentives to homeowners who purchase solar panels. Look into your incentives to find out if you can save more money while helping the environment. Stack your incentives to maximize your savings when you’re working with the best solar companies in your area.

Labor Costs

Labor costs will also play a significant role in determining how much your solar panel installation costs. The price of labor per watt in the United States is close to 50 cents. The good news is that the cost of installing solar panels is dropping each year.

The top five states for inexpensive solar installations are California, Florida, Texas, Virginia, and Georgia. If you live in one of these great states, you could save a ton of money on your solar panel installation.

Solar panels are an expensive home improvement option, but the rebates go a long way toward helping with the costs. You can enjoy lower electric bills and a higher home value after getting your panels installed.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Knowing what to expect with solar costs is essential if you want to get renewable energy as your next home upgrade. That said, it’s great to know the benefits you’ll enjoy after making your investment. Here’s a closer look at what to expect when you get help from the best solar installation company.

Clean Energy

The peace of mind you’ll enjoy when you know that your household uses clean energy is impossible to quantify. Most homeowners get their energy from burning fossil fuels and water pollution, but your home’s energy does not harm the environment or the local community.

Energy Independence

Another incredible benefit of getting a solar power installation is the fact that you’ll gain independence from the energy companies. If the electric grid goes down, you’ll still have energy as you always have. The Sun will continue rising and providing the solar energy your house needs to function.

Low Maintenance

Solar is also easy to maintain, making it an excellent option for exploring different sustainable energy methods. Basic maintenance involves cleaning your solar panels a few times annually to remove debris and dust.

If you notice damage to your solar panel, then you can use the warranty coverage from the solar company to get a replacement panel. It’s a low-risk investment that doesn’t require much work on your part. You reap the benefits of free energy with basic maintenance and excellent warranty coverage.

Now You Know the Cost of Solar

Knowing the cost of solar makes shopping for your solar power installation much easier since you have an idea of your budget and the factors that alter the price. The solar company will ensure your roof gets enough sunlight, but you should measure the amount of electricity you’re using to get the right number of panels. It’s a low-maintenance way to power your home and start green living.

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