Fashion & LifestyleAn Introductory Style Guide to Casual Wear

An Introductory Style Guide to Casual Wear


Many struggle with styling casual wear to look classy and chic. Everyone loves casually styled clothes, but it is easy to look homeless or shabby without the appropriate fashion sense. 

To flawlessly pull off a casual outfit, there are three requirements. They include purchasing the right clothes, appropriate pairing and accessorising. Many turn to clothing collections such as Frank & Eileen for the perfect picks. However, the skill of styling these clothes is not something that can be purchased. Read on to understand what to look for and how to complete a look flawlessly.

Casual Pieces to Choose


Denim is the most popular clothing choice for those with a casual style. There is a variety of clothes in the market that fall under this category. For example, one can find different fittings of jeans like boyfriend, skinny or bootleg. Additionally, denim shirts provide the perfect casual canvas by blending casual clothing and formal styles. 

Basic Tees

Basic solid T-shirts define casualwear and serve as the foundation of any casual look. One should pick between V-necks or round necks based on what flatters their body shape better. While white and black tees are essential, one can choose from a range of solid colours (especially pastel, if you’re adventurous) that complement their shade.


With typical button-ups, it is easy to look shabby. The two aspects one should focus on is the pattern and material of the shirt. Avoid plaid patterns unless your goal is dark academia (stick to warmer plaids). Visit to see a wide array of women’s tops.  

Sticking to fluid cotton fabrics is a foolproof way to add some class to a casual look. They’re easy to style, tuck, and are breathable and airy, perfect for the Australian weather. One can find a range of attire from brands like Frank & Eileen.

Cropped Tees and Capelets

Basic tees require more work to complete a look. Cropped tees and capelets add a unique touch to one’s style, and they suit every body shape and flatter one’s curves perfectly. With a range of colours to choose from, one should pick shades that complement their skin tone.


Apart from sweatpants and denim, most pants seem formal. However, an easy way to pick casual styled pants is to look for loose-fitted flares. Linen serves as one of the most common fabrics for these pants. They come in many colours, but black, olive, white, beige, and navy are the best. Visualising them might be difficult; look at collections like Frank & Eileen to find some show-stopping pieces. 

Styling Tips


Understanding and working with layers is the basis for any complete look. Flannels, scarves, and coats can help add depth and definition to one’s style. However, while layering, one needs to remember not to pair prints on other patterns. Also, avoid layering the same solid colour on itself.


Accessories like belts help accentuate curves and define one’s body shape. Others like bracelets, necklaces and earrings complete a look by adding to it. Think of accessories as the toppings on a cake. Remember that minimalistic accessorising is perfect for heavy outfits and layers, and vice versa.

Little goes a Long Way

While dealing with styling a casual look, a little can go a long way. Minimalism is all the rage and having too many layers or accessories increases the chances of a conflicted look. Keeping it simple is the key to completing a casual look. 

Shades and Tones

Understanding how colours work together is the key to a whole look. Having colours and prints clash makes one look shabby and confused. One of the best ways to learn colour coherence is experimenting and finding what looks best on your skin tone.

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