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Women’s Fashion Trends For Spring


There is a reason why spring is the season for fashion. It is the time for shedding those woolly sweaters and puffy coats. It is also time for embracing the soft and fun colour tones and lighter fabrics with quirky prints. 

The most important part of fashion is apparel. In fact, it is the largest segment in the fashion industry. So, knowing how you can give your wardrobe a makeover this spring is essential.

With international brands like M made in Italy coming up with their own spring collections, you will be spoilt for choices. 

Tiered Skirts

Just a quick scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok will give you an idea about the current trending styles. Here’s a quick tip, it has nothing to do with florals. Tiered skirts are definitely a must-have. You can easily style these versatile skirts with patterns and ruffles or choose less flashy ones. 

The best part about them is that they can be flattering for almost all body types, except the rounder apple-shaped body. You can wear these fun skirts even if you are concerned about your tummy. Just add a layered waistband for better support.

Boyfriend Shirts

Who doesn’t like a button-up white shirt? It is a wardrobe staple that everyone should have. In spring, though, adding up some colours can definitely spruce up your aesthetics. Stripes and bright patterns with a loose fit are the biggest trends now. 

You can wear them with skirts, pants or a dress, get creative! Also, lighter pastel shades for shirts can be an excellent choice for spring and the oncoming summer. 

Tank Tops and Shorts

Spring is the time for showing off that body you had been working on. That means body-fitted tank tops with a lot of layering. You can simply get the ones with their shoulders cut away. High-neck tank tops are the latest fashion. Layer them up with a jacket in the evening or for a dinner date. 

As for the bottom, Vogue says it is time to show some legs. This is the time to bring out your short skirts and jean shorts and flaunt those long legs. 

Statement Pants

Who said statement pants couldn’t be fun? Forget those mom jeans and wear some flare pants with loud prints to make a statement. Wide-leg pants are going to be a major attraction in the spring season. So you can try something different other than the usual jeans and a top combo. 

Tassel Top

The boho-chic style that combines bohemian and hippie influences has been getting a lot of love from the fashion industry. If you want to style up this way, a tassel top is a great addition to your wardrobe. 

Not only do you get plenty of choices in prints, but you can choose them to be as graphic and bold as you like. This will definitely add spunk to your look. Pair them up with white jeans and finish the look with printed sneakers. You’re ready to own the sidewalks and turn heads. 

Rose-Tinted Jeans

Last but not least, rose-tinted jeans can be a quirky addition to your collection. Plus, they perfectly represent the theme of spring. Wearing them can also instantly lift your mood. Combine them with a white or pastel top-wear, and you’re good to go. 

Remember that spring is the time to have fun with colours and style. Following the above tips can definitely spice up your wardrobe for the spring. However, if you don’t feel confident about doing it yourself or need a wardrobe makeover, international collections like M made in Italy might be worth looking into. 

You can find many options in classic European fashion. The best part is they have the selections with the trends in mind, so you don’t need to think much.

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