Business3 Key Advertising Steps for Starting a Business

3 Key Advertising Steps for Starting a Business


It takes many steps to properly start and run a business, including a beneficial advertising campaign. Developing a good advertising plan takes thought, passion, and hard work so it can be a tough, stressful endeavor. Namify can help alleviate some of this anxiety and burden by helping you determine what to call your product or business and help you get it online. Check out some of the services Namify offers that can help you create your brand.

Develop a Name

One of the first things you need to efficiently advertise is a name. Not just any name though, it should be a good name. This can be quite a challenge to accomplish on your own. Namify has developed its brand name generator to help you come up with a splendid and fitting name. The generator uses first-rate methods and electronics to produce multiple options specifically tailored to your brand and that exhibit the following key qualities. 


A good brand name states the product or service it offers. Meaningful, relevant brand names are far more likely to gather incidental traffic from online searches. This increased traffic may lead to further purchases and better profit for your business as well.


Namify also recommends that you form a brand name that is to the point, easy to remember, and easy to spell. This will make it easier for people to remember and find you and your product. Simple brand names may decrease spelling mistakes and missed customer opportunities.


Your chosen name must be one-of-a-kind. You want to avoid having your brand confused with something else. You want people to see and hear your name and think of your business alone. Namify’s name generators provide new, unique name options.


Your brand name must be unique to avoid a lawsuit too. When you develop a brand name, it cannot be taken or trademarked. Trademark infringement is a serious offense. You could lose your name, customers, website, and money if a court determines you are infringing on another owner’s mark. Namify’s system helps cut down on this possibility.

Find an Available Domain

Along with a distinctive brand name you also need to acquire an unused, singular domain name. Domain names are basically website addresses. More specifically they are the grouping of different domain levels that define a site’s location and controlling entity. One significant part is the top-level domain or domain extension, such as .com, .org, or .edu.  Namify conveniently offers both these common extensions and newer, often more available, options.

Get a Logo

Having an exceptional brand name and a safe, remarkable domain name is an excellent start but adding a unique, inspired, and memorable logo can take your brand to an unprecedented level. A good logo references the brand and brand name, making it easier to recall the brand when people see the image. Namify also offers free access to hundreds of specialized logo possibilities that will work with your specific brand.

If you need a powerful name for your new brand, using a brand name generation service like the one Namify offers could save you time and frustration. When it comes to business everything can be in a name, so you want to ensure you pick a good one.

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