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10 Health Professions That Promise Higher Returns and Job Stability


Why should you acquire a career in the healthcare industry? Healthcare practitioners are considered one of the most stable, satisfied, and well-paid among American professionals. In 2021, nursing was voted as “the most trusted profession” for the 19th year in a row. In 2018, the healthcare department became the largest employer in the country. Furthermore, several occupations in this industry promise excellent wages, job security/stability, and career advancement opportunities.

During an ongoing pandemic, the country needs more youngsters to join this industry and contribute to its development. Here, we’ll discuss some lucrative employment opportunities where you get better salaries with a proper work-life balance.

Ten jobs in the health sector lucrative enough for you

Careers aren’t restricted to big paychecks; instead, youngsters want their jobs to be stable and secure. In the healthcare industry, you can influence people’s lives and empower patients to make healthy decisions. People confide in doctors and nurses, and – after the coronavirus’s emergence, this confidence has become even stronger. Studies show that nearly 80% of health workers are satisfied with their careers. Also, healthcare professionals are well-paid while their salaries increase with experience.

So, what’s the average salary of certain health workers? In 2020, average RNs were making over $75,000 annually. But – with enhanced education – a nurse’s wages also increase. According to PayScale, nurses with a DNP made $9,000 more than those with an MNP. In 2019, the dnp average salary was more than $100,000 since a doctorate makes nurses more educated and experienced workers. The same goes for the doctors.

So, let’s talk about various professions promising lucrative returns and better stability:

Nurse anesthetist

These lists mostly begin with anesthetists. A nurse anesthetist makes over $200,000 in some states. They’re one of the most well-paid and stable careers in the healthcare industry. Their duties include administering anesthesia during medical procedures and monitoring a patient’s well-being while they are unconscious.

This career requires anesthetists to evaluate the patient’s reaction before and after the surgery. So, you can study for this job if you love earning more than typical nurses or physicians.

Registered nurse

We’re already familiar with this profession since RNs are perhaps the most well-known health workers after physicians. Statistics show that 53% of nurses are content with their payment structure. Surveys also show that 73% of RNs are satisfied with their performance. A nurse’s responsibilities range from patient monitoring to record-keeping duties.

Often termed “doctors’ assistants,” RNs ensure that patients receive the best medical facilities possible while educating them for empowerment.


You might’ve heard of this career as an “orthotic.” These experts help people suffering from cases such as limb loss. Amputees often require prosthetic equipment to regain their previous lifestyles. Earning over $70,000 annually, these professionals ensure artificial limbs you need are adjusted to your physical measurements.

They also repair these devices to improve their workability. Also, these experts help patients understand how they must use these limbs to increase their life expectancy.


Massage Therapist

Massage therapists make $47,000 on average annually by manipulating a client’s soft-tissue muscles to reduce soreness. Providing customers with a relaxing experience, massage therapists help such people tolerate stress, injuries, and other chronic ailments.

Moreover, they improve circulation and make joints more flexible. Experts often recommend patients undergo massage therapy to improve movement and recover faster from an injury. So, a career in this industry seems lucrative in 2022.


CDC states that over 12 million Americans aged 40+ have impaired vision. An optometrist helps such people improve their sight by diagnosing/treating sight-related issues. They may suggest that patients undergo eye-strengthening practices and refer them to a doctor when they suffer from glaucoma/cataracts.

These experts also prescribe you glasses for correcting your eyesight. So, as an optometrist, you can choose to treat children only or specialize in treating the “low vision” issue.

Physician Assistant

Choosing your occupation as a physician’s assistant can help you make $115,000 on average. You’ll help the physician – consequently – to assist in surgeries, diagnose diseases, examine patients, and prescribe them medications. As medical providers, they perform the same duties you would have expected from a doctor.

However, assistants work under a physician’s supervision. In most cases in the USA, PA programs take three years to finish, and you can get this degree even online today.


As per estimates, audiologists earn over $75,000 on average. As the name indicates, they help folks to improve their hearing and recover from auditory problems. From treating tinnitus to distributing hearing aids – audiologists perform several responsibilities.

These experts can work in several clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. With 48 million Americans suffering from hearing loss, we need more audiologists in the future. This profession promises lucrative wages and a work-life balance.

Dental Hygienist

Recently, US News has declared dental hygiene as the second-best job for work-life balance. Dental experts help patients improve oral health and maintain well-cleaned teeth. Working standard hours – these professionals make over $77,000 annually. Besides working full-time, some dental hygienists can choose to work part-time. Their duties include taking dental radiographs, removing plaque from teeth by polishing them, preventing tooth decay, and educating patients about dental well-being.

Physical Therapist

Earning around $90,000 annually, physical therapists help patients regain movement after an injury or accident has rendered them incapable of motion. They work with patients to rehabilitate them or people diagnosed with a chronic ailment.

Moreover, they prevent disabilities by enabling patients to function properly via different exercises. Some physical therapists specialize in geriatric/orthopedic care as well. Many therapists today also work exclusively with people left motionless after a stroke.


Animal injuries aren’t uncommon in the USA. Since over two-thirds of Americans have pets, we understand why vets make more than $99,000 annually. These experts have animals as patients and perform surgical procedures on them.

From vaccinating your pets to telling you how to treat an animal properly – vets have many duties. It’s their trade to enhance animal safety and ensure their well-being.


Ever since COVID-19 overwhelmed the planet, the world has been preparing to invest more in the health sector. Plus, we have BLS predicting that healthcare occupations will grow by 16% this decade, thereby bringing some 2.5 million employment opportunities for prospective students. With health workers making $70,000 on average, there are several stable/secure health-related professions you can acquire in 2021. From RNs to physicians/surgeons – you have a plethora of options available to kickstart your career in healthcare. You can become a dentist, a pharmacist, an optometrist, or another professional. Students can even acquire expertise in physical therapy to promote health and well-being in society during this pandemic.

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