Fashion & LifestylePret and Unstitched Range by Afrozeh at LAAM

Pret and Unstitched Range by Afrozeh at LAAM


Afrozeh is a premium unstitched and pret brand that deals in exclusive high-quality fabric with hand-embroidered intricate details and the prettiest prints. Their collections are alluring and extravagant with classic Asian embroidery touch. This recently launched brand has made its waves on the internet with its luxury lawn collection and now recently they launched their festive luxury chiffon collection “shehnai” featuring Hania Amir. Afrozeh vibrant color palette, classic style embroidery, and vintage cuts make it perfect for everyone. You can shop their collections at LAAM.

Luxury Pret

Their red luxury pret collection has our heart, it featured monochromatic red outfits which showcases femininity, grace, and glamour. This collection is perfect to attend dinners or brunches in the winter season and as red is the prettiest color out there it will make you look the best dressed in the crowd cover chair. Their article “Pink Bouquet” is a romantic pink-hued outfit with white thread embroidery, this ensemble is the hallmark of alluring outfits. If you’re not a pink or red girl, you can simply go for their bottle green outfit with asymmetrical detailing.

Summer Sonnet Lawn

Afrozeh’s summer sonnet collection features vivid hues and exquisite embroideries, adorned with delicate and royal embellishments giving a fresh feel to this summer season. This collection showcased a wide range of colors from yellows to blues to blacks with class embroidery techniques paired with screen-printed floral dupattas. This collection was a hot seller of the season and was spotted by celebrities and influencers such as Zahra Malik, Fatima Imran, and Minal Khan. Our top pick from this collection was the monochromatic white and black ensemble with lace cutwork.


Gulbahar Luxury Lawn

The head-turner collection by Afrozeh was their luxury lawn collection Gulbahar. This collection followed a traditional route with vintage cuts and a basic color palette. This launch featured the finest thread work with embroidered organza which paid homage to our vintage apparel. The focus of the ensemble was red and white outfits with the richness of traditional craftsmanship with a blend of old-school embroideries. This collection was a must-have for the festive and Eid season.

La Fuchsia Chiffon Collection

What can look better at weddings than a heavily embellished chiffon ensemble which you can style and get tailored according to your wishes? Following a creamy and neutral color theme, this collection featured modern embroidery techniques of cutwork, chata pati, and asymmetrical patchwork. The fan-favorite from this collection was the cream outfit with heavy embellishments of pearls and beads with a contrasting emerald green dupatta.

Shehnai Wedding Formals

The recently launched collection, Shehnai was all about vibrant and bright colors and classic cuts. It featured contrasting colors and floral embroidery details with organza or cotton net dupatta. Our favorite from this collection was the mint green ensemble with white and silver detailing.

Shop at LAAM

Shop afrozeh’s unstitched and pret collections at LAAM. We also offer worldwide shipping so you can get your hands on these extravagant outfits.

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