FashionWomen's Shaping Bodysuit Outfits To Bookmark For Every Occasion

Women’s Shaping Bodysuit Outfits To Bookmark For Every Occasion


Bodysuits have become one of the trendiest shapewear pieces, as they have become a trend thanks to celebrities and influencers sharing how they pair them with their clothing pieces to wear on different occasions. They are such a versatile piece, that can be worn not only under clothing but also as the main part of your outfit, looking as if it was a nice top.

Where do you get the best bodysuits?

Our main place where we love getting our bodysuits and other wholesale shapewear outerwear is at Waistdear. They have been China’s leading factory and manufacturer since 2011. This means they have over 10 years of experience in the market and they work and do business in over 150 countries around the world.

They are a wholesale brand, which is why they can offer us products that have the highest quality and, in most cases are sustainable and eco-friendly but also have the best prices around. And don’t worry if you are a normal person just wanting to buy your favorite shapewear or wholesale waist trainers at these amazing prices, because they don’t have an order minimum. So, if you don’t have a shapewear business, it is okay, you still can buy from them.

But for those who do have their own shapewear business, they will for sure be the best partner. They offer different services, like drop shipping and product customization. Now, when it comes to the products they offer, they focus on shapewear of course, and also activewear.

You can find products like a built-in shaper dress, bras, butt lifters, bodysuits, tummy control panties, waist trainers, activewear, jumpsuits and tops, etc. There are definitively many options to cater to all body shapes, sizes, and personal preferences. So, we are sure you are going to find what you are looking for, but also at the best prices.

Shaping bodysuit outfit ideas

We have seen many influencers and celebrities wear their favorite bodysuits as the main pieces of their outfits and we have come up with many amazing ideas to share. Thankfully, there is not really just one style of bodysuit, so you can really play with your style and mix and match them too.

The trendiest one, that we keep seeing literally everywhere on social media, and that one gives so many options to wear.  That specific one can be worn with high-waisted jeans, as those will help with contouring your curves. But if it is a high-waisted trouser it works as well.

For those who want amore causal style just to go have a casual dinner or drinks with their friends, you can pair it with chunky sneakers, but add a nice blazer and pointed heels and you’ll have a more elegant look if the restaurant or bar is a bit more elegant.

For a more risqué style, you can pair the same jeans but this time with a lace bodysuit, this time we highly recommend pairing the whole outfit with heels and a blazer.  But the good thing is that you don’t really only have to pair them all with jeans and trousers. You can do so with shorts, and different types of skirts, either long or short.

This type of bodysuit is extremely adaptable to many different occasions, so you just need to get inspiration from these ideas or others that you can find on social media and just look amazing with an hourglass figure when you go out.

When it comes to what colors to choose, while black or white will always be classic options, you can choose from many different colors and choose those that highlight you and make you feel comfortable wearing them.

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