servicesWhy Your Air System Needs Centralized Controls

Why Your Air System Needs Centralized Controls


It’s tough to know which compressor or dryer to utilize when you’ve got a multi-compressor or multi-dryer compressed air system. Even if your compressed air needs to change regularly, this is very important. Many compressed air installations are flexible and utilize a combination of compressors with varied capacities and speed-controlled motors since compressed air usage is rarely consistent. 

Using Compressed Air Control Systems Has Many Advantages

What are the advantages of controlling the compressor? An effective compressed air management system may make a tremendous impact on your everyday operations and overall performance. Increased energy savings, enhanced monitoring and integration, and enhanced performance and dependability are the three major advantages of an air compressor control system. 

Enhanced Efficiency in Using Energy 

It is possible to operate a more energy-efficient business by keeping an eye on several parts of your compressed air system. After consulting with Air Compressor Supplier, the US Department of Energy found that more than half of industrial plant air systems are capable of significantly larger energy savings than they were previously, and at a relatively cheap cost. It is possible to keep an eye on a number of elements that affect the amount of energy your compressor system is consuming, which in turn affects your energy costs: 

  • Control systems can warn you of probable leaks in the lines, which can waste up to 30% of your compressor’s power output.
  • As a result of this monitoring, a compressed air control system will be able to tell you whether any of your compressors are working inefficiently or if they need to be repaired. Pressure signaling Knowing when and why each compressor is being utilized is much simpler than using pressure signaling.
  • You may conserve energy by automating the start and stop of your system, which is made possible by flow controllers in control systems.
  • More than half of all air systems in industrial plants are capable of reducing energy use. 

In-depth monitoring and integration. 

A higher degree of monitoring and integration is possible with compressor control systems. You don’t have to handle just one compressor at a time with a high-quality control system; you can effortlessly manage all of your compressors. Compressor control systems from the Air Compressor Supplier, may handle as many as 30 machines at one time. 

Compressor control systems provide a variety of monitoring benefits, including the following: 

  • Dual and auto functions allow you to regulate the operation of your compressors, including loading and unloading, starting and stopping, and modulation….
  • Overly cold or too hot compressors can cause icing or burns, respectively. You should keep an eye on the compressor system’s temperature and make necessary adjustments to help keep your personnel and the equipment’s interior components safe.
  • Speeds that are fixed or variable Each air compressor’s motor may be set to run at a fixed or variable speed.|
  • A modern air compressor control system may interact with your phone, providing you SMS warnings and push notifications when there is a problem or change. Improved response times, lower administrative expenses, and a more productive workplace are all possible benefits of this degree of warehouse integration.
  • Many control systems collect daily logs, allowing you to examine patterns, notice changes, and make modifications when necessary. 

Enhanced Reliability and Performance 

Control systems for air compressors help you get the most out of your building’s compressors in terms of performance and dependability. 

  • Air compressors may be hazardous to the safety of your building and its occupants if they are not properly maintained. A compressor might burst if it becomes too pressurized or if water collects within. In order to avoid this, you may keep an eye on the pressure levels using control systems. It is also important to keep an eye out for leaking oil from your compressors since it is very combustible. When safety or operational issues are discovered, many control systems are programmed to raise an alert or shut down automatically.
  • Advanced troubleshooting reduces the amount of time and money spent on repairs. A control system makes troubleshooting and finding the problem with your compressor easier. As a consequence, you won’t have to set up repeated repair appointments until the problem is found. The sooner problems are discovered and addressed, the sooner normal operations may resume.
  • Compressor control offers a number of advantages that all work together to extend the life of your compressor. Leaks and other problems may be detected and repaired faster with a control system. Pressure flow and temperature can be monitored and managed, and trends in data can be fully controlled. When everything is running smoothly, your compressor will last a long time and provide you with a lot of useful services. 


Central control systems may assist the compressors to work properly in a variety of operating conditions while increasing safety and reducing downtime. Lowering the system pressure and increasing the efficiency of each machine in the installation are two ways to save energy by choosing the proper regulatory technique from the Air Compressor Supplier. It also offers greater availability and reduces the chance of unexpected downtime by balancing the job load amongst multiple computers. Automatic pressure reduction of the whole system during night and weekend operations may also be programmed using central controllers.

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