BusinessWhy You Should Rely On Cantilever Ranking Systems?

Why You Should Rely On Cantilever Ranking Systems?


Different industries have different storage needs. When it comes to big warehouses in a variety of industries, storage has become an important aspect. This is why it is important to adopt the best storage system that can provide long-term benefits. Here comes the role of a cantilever racking system. Have you ever used this system in the warehouse? If not then you should try it once. It has many interesting benefits to offer. You can opt for a new or Used Cantilever Racking depending on your needs and budget.

Before choosing any cantilever racking system, you must be familiar with all of its important things. So, start reading:

What is a cantilever racking system?

These systems are must-have industrial storage racks for many industries. They are designed to exhibit exemplary flexibility in any warehouse. When you see it, it may look similar to your conventional pallet racking. But it has some differences. They have a considerable storage capacity as compared to traditional pallet racking. In a cantilever racking system, there are horizontal arms or beams linked to vertical beams that are bolted to the base strongly. Generally, there are 3 components available in a cantilever racking system including the Uprights arm, Arms Brace Sets, as well as Brace Sets.

Cantilever racking systems have modular designs, which allow easy expansions based on the size of the storage. There are also forklifts available in these systems to shift loads off the racks easily. They can retrieve huge loads. This is why these systems are the best option to consider when it comes to the storage of heavy loads in industrial applications.

Understand its types 

When you want to opt for a cantilever racking system, you may come across many options. There are different kinds of cantilever racks available in the market, each one has its own features and benefits. These are:

  • Rugged cantilever rack storage: These racks are designed for heavy-duty or extra heavy-duty loads. They come with inclined or straight arms of different lengths. These are flexible racks that vary in height from 8 inches to 20 inches. They can hold up to 60k pounds when it comes to their advanced models. 
  • Medium-duty cantilever racks: Of course, there are oversized storage requirements in industries. This is how these racks come into role play. These medium-duty cantilever racks can withstand years of rough utilization. These racks can be easily installed. 
  • All-welded Cantilever racks: These racks are used for storing different things like angles, bar stocks, tubing, and other heavy and long materials with the utmost ease. They are affordable racking solutions, which are equipped with a powder-coated finish. This is how they become extremely durable. 
  • Structural cantilever racks: They are made of low-gauge steel, which is made from hot rolling raw iron. They are also flexible racking solutions that can withstand heavy pallets as well as harsh conditions. 
  • Galvanized cantilever racking: This type of new or Used Cantilever Racking system is recommended for freezers, coolers, outdoors, and other chemical-resistant surfaces. These racks provide safety and durability as their primary features. 

Based on the type of industry you are involved in and your storage needs, you can select the best cantilever racking system.

Reasons to opt for cantilever racks 

There are many reasons why you should consider the use of cantilever rack systems in your business. When it comes to storage in warehouses, cantilever systems can be an ideal way because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • They are practical solutions when it comes to storing heavy and long loads
  • They can help you in storing special-sized materials or goods
  • They are adjustable in nature. This is why they are a robust solution for heavy loads
  • These racking solutions will help you in boosting your storage space. As they are based on racks, they can store more but can take less space to accommodate.

Can you put a cantilever racking system in outdoor areas? 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with it when you want to place these systems in outdoor spaces. They are ideal for indoor areas, but they are also geared toward outdoor settings. For constructional usage, these storage systems can be a big benefit when you are running short of space in the warehouse.

What types of goods can be stored in cantilever racks? 

As cantilever racks are designed for storage purposes, there are different kinds of goods that can be stored in these systems. Housing long loads and building materials can be stored in these racks like sheet metal, wood, lintels, rebar, and many others. There are many options to choose from when it comes to buying a new or Used Cantilever Racking. You must choose from light to heavy-duty versions. Look for professionals like Camara Industries, where you can get the best suggestions for choosing an ideal storage system.

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