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Why Does Your Business Website Need an Interactive UI Design?


How crucial do you think it is to have a good design for your business website? Well, according to a report by GoodFirms in 2021, almost 73% of business users believe the top reason visitors leave a website is a non-responsive web design.

This shows us how essential it is to have an interactive web design, and not having one can indeed affect your business’s online presence. Although it works for all kinds of companies, it is an absolute necessity for small businesses as they already face cost challenges and a shortage of experienced technical resources.

Due to this fact, many businesses invest in website redesigning and hire a professional web design company to make a difference. Besides improving user retention,are there other reasons why you should consider a web design? For example, does it also affect your customer engagement and sales?

This informational piece will help you clear all these doubts. 

Why Does Your Website Design Matter: Facts You Should Know!

So, why does web design matter? Well, a simple answer is because your customers care about it, and you care about them!

It’s a proven fact that humans are naturally fascinated and drawn towards visuals and react more often to them. Some research studies show that users judge a particular business based on its website design. In fact, users often stop visiting a website if they find the UI design poor or unattractive. Here are some insightful facts that reflect the importance of an interactive web design:

50% of customers believe that a web design profoundly influences the business’s overall brand.

According to a survey performed by Top Design Firms in 2021, out of 500 consumers, almost half of them consider that a website design plays a critical role in its overall branding. Most of them further suggested that businesses should prioritize enhancing web design (or redesigning) to strengthen their brand’s image and increase customer engagement.

It hardly takes 50 milliseconds for users to form the first impression of your business’s web design.

Yes, you read it right! It doesn’t take more than a fraction of a second for users to form a judgment of your business’s website design. According to a Google Research report, users take hardly 0.05 seconds for this purpose. Can you imagine how quickly they form an impression of your website and how little time you have to make visitors stay on your site? That’s why it is recommended to make a web UI design as responsive and interactive as possible. Many companies often hire a proficient web development company to ensure that the web design elements of their website are highly engaging and work seamlessly.

Almost 38% of the audience will stop engaging with your brand if your website’s layout and content seem unattractive to them.

According to a research report by Adobe, delivering poor and irrelevant content on your web design can make you lose your credibility and drift away from your potential customers. Your consumers want to view your site content on beautifully-designed user interfaces. However, if you ignore this part, your unattractive web designs can cost you more than a thirdof your potential customers.

Over 75% of users judge the credibility of a business only based on their website’s visual design.

Suppose you visit the official online portal of a company and see an outdated web design with unappealing visual elements and an old-fashioned layout. What impression would you make of such a business? Illegitimate, unreal, or suspicious?

The same can happen with you if your users see an outdated UI design of your website. According to Standford’s web credibility research report, almost ¾ of your audience will form a judgment of your business’s credibility based on your site’s visual design alone. If the design elements load slowly or are non-interactive, they would prefer to visit your competitor’s website to fulfill their needs.

How to Enhance Your Customer’s Experience by Improving Your Website Design?

Well, the above statistics clearly state why you need a good web design for your business website. Now, let’s discuss how an interactive web UI design improves user experience.


A web design profoundly impacts how your visitors use your website, which means finding the information they are looking for. According to a Web Usability Report by Huff Industrial Marketing, 86% of the users come to a website to see the products and services-related information. 65% of them visit a website to look for the business’s contact information, and 52% of the visitors come for their ‘About Us’ section.

Your web design should be smooth and straightforward enough so that it won’t make things challenging for users while they look for specific information. For that, you can use the standard conventions, such as featuring your contact number in the top-right corner and putting the primary services provided by you in the immediate navigation area.


Navigation is pretty much linked to the usability factor of your web design. However, you have to learn about Hick’s law to understand it better. According to the law, “the more choices you give someone, the longer it takes for him/her to make a decision.”

It means you must keep your web UI design choices as simple as possible to make it easier for your visitors to navigate the areas they want to go. According to a good rule of thumb, for a simple and effective web design navigation, you need to limit your number of options to seven or less.

Brand Loyalty

As mentioned earlier, 3 out of 4 visitors will judge a company’s credibility based on its website design. The more up-to-date and modern your design is, the more trustworthy and credible it will appear to your users.

Moreover, make sure your design elements are consistent through different channels so that your customers can recognize your brand irrespective of the medium they reach you. These design elements consist of a brand’s logo, color scheme, fundamental structure, etc. When users see the same visual components through different mediums, they can easily recognize you, thus increasing your brand loyalty.


Today, a significant portion of online users search for their queries and requirements on their smartphones. Due to this, it has become crucial to have a mobile-friendly website that loads faster and offers a streamlined experience. In fact, according to Visually, 85% of the users believe that a mobile version of the website should be equal to or better than its desktop version. Therefore, you should ensure that your website should be as responsive on a mobile device as it performs on the desktop.

Is Your Web Design Impactful Enough?

Believe it or not, your web design is one of the most robust tools that can make or break your business’s success. You might have the best products and services in a specific industry, but to cut through the clutter and reach your customers effectively, you will find it essential to have an interactive website. 

If you want to improve your website design and increase user engagement, hiring a professional Web Design Agency in California would be a perfect option. Not only will you attract more users to your site, but you will also convert them much more! 

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