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WHO says CBD is safe to use! But what is CBD oil for pets and animals?


CBD oil is a natural active ingredient extracted from the hemp plant. However, unlike the well-known THC, CBD is not psychoactive and does not make you “high”. As a result, CBD oil is safe for humans and animals. Many pet owners report positive experiences using CBD oil.

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Key statements of the WHO research report on the topic of CBD

We have compiled some of the core statements of the WHO report on CBD for you here:

Unlike THC, CBD does not produce any signs of addiction or abuse in humans.

So far, no side effects or side effects have been identified when using pure CBD.

CBD is usually very well tolerated. So its use is safe for users.

Numerous positive effects on human and animal health are assumed. Thus, CDB is said to be neuroprotective (meaning it protects nerve cells from structural and functional defects).

In addition, anxiolytic, antipsychotic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effects are suspected.

Another possible field is the use of CBD to treat drug addiction. Research is still in its infancy here. It is believed that CBD can help treat various addictions (opiates, cocaine, psychostimulants). Even with cannabis (the one with high THC content) and tobacco addiction, positive effects could occur.

CBD and the pets’ endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system has several essential functions in the human and animal bodies. It influences the psyche and helps establish or maintain a balance in the body. It also helps to provide relief from health problems or stress. The endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short, is very complex and distributed throughout the body. It affects the skin, bones, organs, and brain and influences everything that goes on in the body. It is responsible for emotions, fears, mood, pain perception, and sleep behavior, in short, practically for the entire well-being of the animals. Research around CBD is still in its infancy. However, the researchers already assume that CBD, as a cannabinoid, could affect the ECS. It makes it possible.

For a healthy and fit body, it is significant that the endocannabinoid system is in balance. However, even a small disruption or even the slightest imbalance is enough to cause illness or anxiety. The body’s own cannabinoids ensure that the ECS remains in balance. The body of animals can produce these cannabinoids on its own. However, it can happen at any time that the body does not produce enough cannabinoids. By ingesting cannabinoids like CBD, the endocannabinoid system can be stabilized and, in turn, ensure that balance is restored in the animal’s body. In addition, CBD has a stimulating effect on the nervous system of animals. It can reduce symptoms. Pain is less noticeable.

There are now a few clinical studies that explicitly deal with the effects of CBD in animals. However, the results so far have been very satisfactory and give hope that concrete evidence of the effectiveness of CBD may soon be available.

How well do cats tolerate CBD oil?

Since cats, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system, CBD oil can positively affect cats’ bodily functions. However, cats should only be given CBD oils specifically made for cats and are terpene-free. Most CBD oils contain terpenes, a natural part of the hemp plant. However, the cat’s metabolism is unable to process these substances. As a result, the cat can be poisoned.

How much CBD oil do I have to give my dog?

In general, it can be assumed that 2 drops of CBD oil per 5 kg of body weight is sufficient for most dogs. But since every dog ​​reacts differently, you should start with a few drops of CBD oil and the dosage should be increased or adjusted over time depending on the animal’s reaction.

When not to give CBD

CBD can have many beneficial effects on animals, but there are also areas in which CBD should not be used. It includes, for example, the pregnancy of an animal. Since CBD can also reduce appetite, it should not be given if an animal is already eating poorly and suffering from anorexia. In addition, for animals that regularly have to take medication, the veterinarian should first be consulted before the administration of CBD in order to rule out possible interactions. 

Particular case: cats—CBD only without terpenes

While animals can usually ingest conventional CBD products like CBD oil without any problems, the case with cats is somewhat different. If you want to give your cat CBD oil, you should make sure to choose a product specially made for cats. Most CBD oils contain terpenes. It is a substance that cats find difficult or impossible to metabolize. Since cats only excrete terpenes very slowly, they can certainly suffer from terpene poisoning. Therefore, it is imperative to give cats only CBD-containing terpenes. This should be explicitly noted on the product.

Rare side effects

If you want to do something good for your beloved animal with CBD, you naturally also ask yourself whether there are any side effects. There are no known side effects when CBD is given in the recommended dosage and not severely overdosed.

Side effects can only occur when large amounts of CBD are administered. But since nobody will give their animal a few bottles of CBD oil at once, it can be assumed that no side effects will occur.

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