HealthWhere Can I Get Reliable COVID-19 Test Results?

Where Can I Get Reliable COVID-19 Test Results?


It’s now 2022, and there are well over 457 million recorded coronavirus cases in the world now. The number of people who have it but don’t know and/or don’t have official results is probably much higher as well.

You want to do your part in looking after the people around you. So if you have symptoms, or you’ve been around someone who’s tested positive, you need to get tested as well.

If you need reliable COVID-19 test results, then keep reading. We’ll show you the options available and what’s the best one.

At-Home COVID-19 Test

Feeling sniffly? Or have you interacted with someone who has COVID now? Then the first thing you need to do is take a rapid covid-19 antigen home test.

These rapid tests are affordable, quick, and convenient. Open the package and follow the instructions, which usually involves swabbing your nose. Within 30 minutes, the test will give you results.

The issue with at-home tests is they have a high rate of false negatives; it’s only meant to be a preliminary test and has a small window for testing positive. In addition, there’s a high rate of user error. For example, you might not have swabbed deep enough in your nasal cavity to pick up on the COVID cells, or maybe you skipped a step in the process, which now gives you a false negative.

So even if you have negative results, keep testing and staying safe for at least another few days.

False positives don’t happen very often with at-home tests, so if you get one, then it’s highly likely you’re ill. In that case, isolate and focus on getting better.


PCR COVID-19 tests are the golden standard. This type of test is highly sensitive and in fact, even after you’ve recovered from the coronavirus, you can continue to get positive PCR tests for a few months!

The test will also involve nose swabs, and often, throat swabs too. And because it’s done by a professional, you won’t have to worry about user error.

The caveat is you’ll have to travel to a testing center, clinic, or your doctor’s office to get this done. And while test results are relatively quick (some places offer same-day results), you’ll have to wait longer than with at-home tests. It’s also much more expensive to get.

The good news is, many clinics offer both rapid antigen and PCR tests for COVID. Learn more if you need to get tested.

Get Reliable COVID-19 Test Results

For reliable COVID-19 test results, the best route is PCR tests. These are so accurate there are hardly any false negatives or positives.

However, results can take longer to get, plus it’s more inconvenient. If you need quick results, at-home tests are your best bet. But for the most accurate results, combine both to get double confirmation.

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