financeWhat to look for in a pre-owned campervan

What to look for in a pre-owned campervan


What a great decision, buying a campervan! You can go and see the world in comfort and style, but what should you look for when buying one? This post will discuss and review the most important aspects of buying a campervan that is used.

Do your research

Many camper van owners want to sell their van, so they can upgrade or buy the motorhome of their dreams including the popular Class C motorhome. As there are so many nice second-hand campers available, you can often get a great deal; try searching, for instance, campervans for sale Scotland to see listings of quality pre-owned campers. 

However, you will need to ask yourself whether you want to buy someone else’s dream or make your own. If the latter is the case, have a look at some of the following aspects first:

  • Choose what type of vehicle you’d like to have (e.g., pop-up, super-lightweight or high standard) and start looking for it on campervan sites (or specialized websites).
  • Get all the necessary information about the vehicle and check for mechanical, legal and physical issues that may affect your use of it.
  • Take a look at the company and owner rating. These are optional, but some people may have posted a review of their campervan on these sites. You can also ask your friends to recommend a reliable (e.g., honest, responsible) van for you to buy.

Set an initial budget

Although it is not essential to have a set budget, having this information can be useful when you start looking for a vehicle. The amount of money you can spend for finding and buying one can be affected by several factors, such as:

  • How many miles has the campervan covered?
  • Location and availability in your country.
  • Quality of the vehicle and its parts. You want to buy a vehicle that is in good condition that will give you years of use. A professional inspection should always be carried out before buying a used campervan to avoid unforeseen problems (e.g., unfixed faults, leaks or any other damage).

Check for maintenance and service records

It would be wise to check for maintenance and service records when buying a vehicle, especially if it has been through extensive use over the years. Do not rely on what the seller says, as you could easily be ripped off. Check for all faults and the service records (e.g., if the campervan has had to be repaired in previous years, how it was handled and what was done about it).

Be aware of hidden costs

Every aspect of living in a van should be budgeted for. In addition to the obvious expenses (e.g., fuel and road tax), you should also check for other expenses that can incur during your use of the vehicle (e.g., any repairs, service or maintenance work).

As you can see, there are a number of things to check for when buying a used campervan. Making sure that all the details and information you have found about the vehicle are clear and concise is important. This will help you make a wise decision when buying the van of your dreams.

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