HealthWhat not to do while dealing with a wound?

What not to do while dealing with a wound?


With almost 2% of the American population always dealing with some kind of wound, there is no surprise even you might have one. In most cases, there is nothing to worry about a cut or minor scrape since people think about how to take care of such wounds but are you doing it right?

Whenever a person gets a cut or a minor scrape, they rush to the bathroom, wash it, apply some kind of medical powder kept in the bathroom and then use all the wound care supplies they have in the house. Also, Read More About – Metrogyl 400 Mg Tablet

This might look like a cakewalk but even a simple mistake while taking care of wounds or while transparent dressing for wounds can make it severe and you might have to rush to the hospital after a couple of days because of infection or the wound snowballing. 

Everyone is taught how to take care of basic medical emergencies like a cut or a minor scrape. Some are taught in school while others learn from their parents. But how correct is our knowledge regarding even such basic medical care?

Let’s look at the most common mistakes people make while taking care of a wound

Not knowing when to consult a doctor 

There are many people out there who get a wound and they never know when they get rid of the home remedies and seek medical attention. If you are dealing with any kind of nausea, fever, or chills, or if the wound is bleeding uncontrollably or if it is deep, you shouldn’t use the wound care supplies kept in your bathroom and rush to the nearby hospital as soon as possible. 

Some common wound care mistakes people make are- not changing the dressing even after 4-5 days, using human saliva on the wound, and letting the wound dry out. If you are not 100% sure how to take care of the wound, you should consult a doctor without any procrastination. 

Not using the right kind of dressing 

For a normal person, every kind of dressing available in a medical shop might look the same and he might choose any dressing randomly and use it on the wound. This is the most common mistake people make since choosing the right kind of transparent dressings for wounds is as necessary as keeping the wound moist. 

Using the wrong kind of dressing can worsen the situation. For example, if you avoid using a gauze pad and use a band-aid, the healing will take more time. Apart from this, many people don’t bother changing the dressing often enough and others put too much pressure on the wound while using the dressing. Also, some people use cold compresses like ice even when the wound is hot. 

Not cleaning the wound 

If you use any kind of cream or powder or dressing on the wound without properly cleaning it, the chances of infection will increase. To improve the healing process, you must get rid of all the dust and debris that accumulated in the wound before using anything on it. There are many ways to clean a wound and the most common one is using a reliable antiseptic but you should know how to use the antiseptic properly. 

If you are not sure about which kind of antiseptic to use or how to use it or if you have doubts about the cleanliness of the wound before you use dressing, you should get in touch with a doctor and book an appointment for quick treatment. 

Not following up with the doctor 

If you are not following up with the doctor, your healing will be slow and you might have to deal with several complications as well. Doesn’t matter whether you are experiencing pain from a wound or you see some kind of liquid exuding from the wound, you must follow up with the doctor who has done the dressing of the wound. 

In some cases, severe injuries have increased chances of infection, and therefore, doctors prescribe specific medicines to nullify the chances of infection. Furthermore, medicines are also used in the case of pain. 

Not keeping tabs on the wound or infection 

Just because you are done with dressing doesn’t mean you need to forget about the wound. You must monitor the wound for any signs of infection or liquid exuding out from the wound or pain. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should immediately consult your doctor. 

Wound care might look like a cakewalk until you have to deal with infections, pain, or liquid exuding from the wound. There are many common mistakes people make while taking care of a wound and this is what worsens the situation. If you are not sure about your wound care skills, there should be no procrastination in booking an appointment with a reliable doctor. 

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